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    renewal visit

    had different fao from my last guy come for a visit as my s/g and f/a is due for renewal .went through serial no ect and he produced a big wadge of paper work brought out as a result of the last shooting incident ,it was the first time he had gone through it and it took a good hour so be prepared folks ...questions about disputes with family ,neighbours ect more medical stuff ,experience with the calibres you hold ,safety,security the list goes on .
    what did come up was they had no record of me selling a shotgun to a mate of mine ......some three yrs ago at least so gotta sort that out ,i am very good with that stuff and my mate says he informed them too so mix up somewhere !!

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    If its any concelation i had problems on my shotgun renewal as well , the FAO turned up in his usual manner and we ran through the serial numbers on a couple of shotguns only for him to say they arnt on my ticket and they hadnt recieved notification of two i had sold . so of upstairs i trotted to find the photo copies and postage reciepts from the post office . Once i had shown him the copies and reciepts he told me that Avon and Somerset police firearms dept had changed address around that time and had not payed the Post Office to forward their mail to the new address . I wonder if i could use the same excuse ?

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    I have just sold two shotguns so I rang Lancs Firearms Dept and asked if they had an e mail address I could send the notifications to rather than post them. Yes that is no problem. So two e mails sent, two acknowledgements received within ten mins, brilliant. Cheaper, quicker and I know they have got them. Well done Lancashire superb service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monument veiw View Post
    ............................. I wonder if i could use the same excuse ?
    Probably only in mitigation to the Crown Court!

    Okay so the police are upping the level of vetting of applicants on grant and renewal - are they also closely examining their own internal procedures to see where they are going wrong? The cases of Hamilton and Atherton, (and no doubt others), all raise issues of serious failure within the police to correctly administer the existing Firearms Act(s).

    Too much focus and manpower wasted on useless micro-managing of the type/calibre and field use of firearms by those already granted FACs, not enough on weeding out those who shouldn't have them in the first place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orion View Post
    Too much focus and manpower wasted on useless micro-managing of the type/calibre and field use of firearms by those already granted FACs, not enough on weeding out those who shouldn't have them in the first place.
    Absolutely.... and if lessons are to be learned from the Atherton case, anyone who has been involved in any kind of domestic disturbance I'd expect will be contacted someday soon.
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    I do my notifications to GMP via e-mail and facsimile and keep a file on the computer with all the reponses, as long as you back it up there doesnt seem to be any problems, for those in GMP area their e-mail address is

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    sent fao an email nothing back as yet lucky i sold s/g to a mate will keep a detailed log in future ,we both sent paper work .......lost i suppose
    cheers guys

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    I do all my notifications on the Northants Firearms website now Norma, you get an automatic response saying they have received your notification, which is
    filed away 'just in case'.

    I had heard that the Northants FEO's have changed areas. Not sure why.

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    Too many negative and unhelpful opinions being expressed on what is an important issue of contact with the FLO. Surely, the recording of such important matters as the notification of sale or transfer of firearms needs to be done in such a way that we can prove the matter has been completed in a satisfactory manner. Therefore it seems perfectly acceptable to me to keep a copy of every letter, invoice, fax or e-mail just in case the firearms department lose their copy and from a personal point of view I do that with everything I send to anybody. I keep a copy of every piece of land permission granted to me justr in case too. The Cumbria FLO has put in place a Fax and generic e-mail system to Firearms Licensing for this very purpose and every transaction I have made through these means has been succesful and never questioned. In addition the FEO's have their own e-mail address (printed on their business cards) and we here are encouraged to notify sales and transfers to them. The system works, so let it. I am aware such systems may not be available to our friends elsewhere in the country (you could always move to Cumbria) but if they are use them. Keep a copy of everything, it will cover your backsides, so use the systems you can get a receipt for.

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