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Thread: Vit N-120 in a .222 ?

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    Vit N-120 in a .222 ?

    Looking at a burn rate chart it is not far from the classic H or imr 4198 ?
    But it seems with the heavier bullets, like 53 grain v-max (i have an unopened box doing nothing) load density is fairly low.
    Is this a problem, I already have a 1lb of the powder and was going to buy H4198 untill I realized how close it was to what I have.

    All I want is middle of the road load, doesn't need to be a ripper, barrel is 24 inches and not moderated so getting the powder burnt in the barrel would be good.
    H4198 I can buy locally, same for Benchmark, possibly BL2c, I did think about a slower Vit powder, but don't really want to spend 75 on a kilo of powder that will probably last 3 years or more.


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    According to the LEE load data ive got here around 18.5 grains is about middle with a 53 grain bullet and H4198. Might not be of any use to you as im just going on whats in front of me.


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    I use 24g's of varget for both 50g & 55g heads in my CZ
    Impressive results and accuracy but I did buy an 8lb tub of varget at a cheap price, so a good investment considering the rising cost of powders

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    N120 is what Sako use in their .222 cartridges...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 20-250 View Post
    N120 is what Sako use in their .222 cartridges...
    Even with 50 and 55 grain bullets ?
    My load book says the top loads would be 20.0 and 19.6 grains, a load density of only 78% or 79%.
    So is the low density a problem ?

    I suppose what I'm really trying to find out is it worth me buying a different powder, or lighter bullets

    I will be picking the rifle up on friday, to get me going over the weekend I have a few 40 grain Nosler's and 20 grains of Vit N-120 will get me shooting.
    New brass should be here next week and by then I want to be in a position to load some decent ammo, so I would like to get the powder or bullets when I pick the rifle up.


    PS: Not that I have any Muntjack to shoot at the moment, I would like whatever load I come up with to be legal for them.
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    From what I can see, Vit N120 should work very well with the 40 grain, but I'd look for the next step up if you try heavier bullets. The star bullet in the .222 is the standard Sierra 50gr SP. Since I came across this I've never used anything else, although everything in the Sierra range from 40gr HP to 63gr SMP worked well enough. A friend has gone over to this in his Tikka T3 after a bit of arm-twisting.

    I haven't used N120 in my .222, but have used IMR 4198, Nobel No. 3, H4198, N130, and N133. That's the speed order/charge rate they chronographed at. I would guess that N120 will probably be slightly faster than IMR 4198.... which was the favourite when the benchrest crowd used the .222 (21.0 grs IMR 4198 with the 50 grain was the standard load then).

    Hope this helps. In a 24" barrel the .222 matches the .223 in a 22" barrel, but really it seems happiest 100fps under max. Hope this helps.
    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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    Thanks for the replys everyone, looks like I'm not to far off the mark
    I just aquired most of a tub of Benchmark so will give that a try with some 50 grain Nosler BT's for now.
    At least it will get me shooting it tomorrow


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