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Thread: EKA Swingblade

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    EKA Swingblade


    I just wondered what the general consensus is on the EKA Swingblade?

    I'm considering purchasing one but just thought I'd get your opinions first.


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    They look great don't they? The one I handled seemed really well made and I will be purchasing one soon. It would have been sooner, but I just got given a Flip'n'zip, which is the same thing in a folder rather than fixed blade. Comes in a neat pouch with a small folding saw too - just the ticket for the field.
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    + 1 on the flip n zip as I got one for xmas,excellent kit,lee

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    Well basically It does the job, holds an edge, unzips and cuts...There is a snazzy technique to changing over from blade to the other bit...Mines black and you can get two types of blade as In the quality of steel...I ended up with the better one but only by luck, I cant remember the techicalities but If you do a search it will all become apparent...HTH

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    hi tn ive got a swingblade and found it to be very good for gralloch and very handy for skinning
    atb tom

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    i bought swingblade last year best knife ive ever used for gutting deer

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    I got an Eka swing blade last year and so far i've used it on a couple of roe deer and about 6 moose, great bit of kit and I wouldnt be without one now.

    The only slightly negative thing i would say is that its a bit fiddly to clean when the blood gets in, but you can just use the wifes toothbrush to fix that

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    Wayne Davies got hold of the ones made of the better steel, they are brilliant. I would be lost without mine.


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    Quote Originally Posted by flytie View Post
    Wayne Davies got hold of the ones made of the better steel, they are brilliant. I would be lost without mine.


    Make sure it's the EKA with Sandvik steel and not the Outdoor Edge one and get an orange one so you can find it when you drop it!

    Great knife.
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    Fantastic for running inside the legs and unzippering.

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