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Thread: Now, here is a hunter

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    Now, here is a hunter

    Today circumstances dictated that I could not go hunting, will not be able to make it until Saturday now. Looking out the window and feeling sorry for myself, I know I know big tart, when this came and landed on the fence


    It had to be taken through glass so, it is not very good, but you can still see his is a pretty boy, and what a hunter.


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    Nice piccy John. That glass looks a bit steamed up, did you take it from the bedroom window


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    I refuse to get drawn into a smutty exchange over this, I claim this right because of my bad back, bad legs and the fact I have lost my instruction manual


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    A cock sparrowhawk, I love their attitude. I was walking down my lane last year when I saw one chasing a greenfinch. The finch took cover in the hedge right in front of me and I thought it had evaded capture but the sparrowhawk just burst straight through the hedge taking the finch on the way. It exited just in front of me - fantastic!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAYB
    I refuse to get drawn into a smutty exchange over this, I claim this right because of my bad back, bad legs and the fact I have lost my instruction manual

    l to have lost my instruction manual when you find yours can l borrow it .

    Nice pic mate

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    I know exactly where my manual is, its under a friggin great pile of deer, gun and Land Rover magazines next to the bed!

    By the time I've read through that lot, I'll be too tired for anything else!

    I also used to take photos of birds through bedroom windows. Unfortunately I now have a restraining order against me!

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    Nice picture, judging by the plummage & size it is a mature female sparrowhawk. The male being called a musket. I used to imprint them for falconry purposes, a friend is killing plenty of magpies with his female spar. An excellent hunter, able to take other birds on three times its own weight.

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    looks like I am wrong again, I thought this was the cock bird, there is another which I presuned to be the mate of this one which is bigger and what I took to be the hen bird.

    I was sitting in the kitchen earlier in the year having a cup of coffee and watching a collared dove that was sitting on the garden fence when, what I thought was the hen took it. They both went to ground the other side of the fence, and after I had finished my coffee I went over for a looksee and she, now a he, flew off clutching the remains of the dove in it's talons,
    very impressive.

    There was a young bird earlier on that used to sit and wait right in the middle of the bird table. It knew the little fella's fed there bt could not quite work out why they did not do it whyen he was there, shame.


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    Could well be the musket, size is hard to distinguish from a photo. If you say its mate is larger then it must be a musket. Just enjoy watching them, I bet the local blackbirds keep a close eye on them.

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    It may well be a spelling mistake or hitting the wrong key on the keyboard, and god knows I have done it enough times. But the photo that John took is of a Male Sparrowhawk not a hen.

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