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Thread: Concrete additives for kennel floors?

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    Concrete additives for kennel floors?

    The concrete floors in my kennels always seem to break up after a while. I've heard there are additives available to help prevent urine taking it's toll. The kennels are rinsed out twice a day.
    Anybody with any tips/product recommendations?

    That's additives for new concrete - not the dogs dinner!

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    Have you thought about painting it with the 2 PAC stuff?

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    Add a bit more cement and water to the original mix if you are mixing it yourself and give it a good tamp as a semi- dry mix will break up so much quicker than a wet mix
    I take it you do use a DPM under the concrete as that stops the damp penetrating from underneath and stops the concrete breaking up from that angle also
    Also house/kennel training a dog will also reduce the amount of spoil left to soak into your floor
    There are plenty of silicone based products that cause no ill effect you could treat the floor with , tile it or even paint but the paint will not really last that long from my experience

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    Its the mix that is wrong, needs to be stronger.

    Urine shouldnt affect concrete.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Gliballs View Post
    Its the mix that is wrong, needs to be stronger.

    Urine shouldnt affect concrete.
    And add evoplast to water when mixing it,makes it stick better
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    I used Thompsons water seal on mine, just roll on when the floors dry.

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    Got mine tiled by a mate , stops all smells etc and really easy to clean and squeegy dry in seconds

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    Do the tiles not become slippy?

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    Although you would not be using it on the floor, Mortar Plasticiser additives in the liquid state are both palatable and toxic to dogs!

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    Never really noticed it, had all the welping and quarantine kennels tiled both wall and floor
    Even at home the dogs don't hav a problem with it in the kitchen or conservatory
    Choice of tile surface will be a consideration anyway

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