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Thread: 300 Win Mag

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    300 Win Mag

    will soon be selling my BRNO ZKK601 as I cannot for the life of me get it to zero, and I think it is time to move on (will be sold cheap as a "project")

    I am looking to get a variation for a 300 Win Mag, so will be in the market hopefully very soon pending the sale of my 308.

    If anybody has a 300 Win Mag for sale please let me know?

    The BRNO will be up for sale shortly after I have taken some pictures. There will be a fair amount of rounds too (approx 60)
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    Had a couple of pms which were out of my price range, I should say I am looking for a budget rifle (if one exists in this calibre!)

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    There is a Brno on Guntrader for 495 in 300 win mag

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    It is nice looking, not as nice as the 601 I am selling though? Wish it looked the same! Do you think 495 is as low as it gets?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevefranks View Post
    Had a couple of pms which were out of my price range, I should say I am looking for a budget rifle (if one exists in this calibre!)
    Ah my Sako wont do you then.

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    Never mind, thanks!

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    .300 Win Mag

    Hi Steve
    Here you go mate this is about the cheapest for a good bit of kit Second hand Weatherby Vanguard .300 Winchester Magnum Rifle for sale | GunStar.
    @ 425 snap it up !


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    its one rifle i would really like to have the bore checked before buying cheap. to make sure the barrel has some rifling left in it

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    Having seen a few souls wincing during a session with the .300WM, I'd suggest a wise buyer would look for a secondhand one which hasn't been moderated.

    A moderator or a muzzle brake is the first accessory that target shooters get done after complaining of bruised shoulders. Then they say it recoils just like a .308. In that mode several thousand rounds could have been put through it .... but you'll be assured that it's only fired a few hundred as they've clapped it out or got tired of it so need to offload it.

    If you're a 1000yd. shooter there are calibres which will match the .300WM, recoil less, and be easier on barrels such as the 7mm RM or 7mm Short Mags. It does seems that .30 the match calibre so it's hard the change the mindset.
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    Hmmmm the Weatherby look just what I am looking for, classic looking. I don't want to buy another problem though!!

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