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Thread: BRNO ZKK601 .308 for sale screwcut

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    BRNO ZKK601 .308 for sale screwcut

    I am selling this rifle as a project as I am unable to get into zero on anything but match rounds. I am not experienced enough to sort the issue out, and I do not have my own range to practice on which makes things harder.

    I am selling the Rifle and mounts/rings only. NO SCOPE. I had it screwcut 1/2 UNF? (whatever an Atech cmm4 moderator is)

    The rifle cost me 180, then the screwcutting. The gun is in good condition with nice wood. Classic rifle.

    I will take 120 face to face only. Please note that I will not accept returns SOLD AS SEEN!!

    I cannot seem to upload photos from iPad. Pm me and I will email by return.

    Many thanks


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    Does this have the set trigger?
    Do you still have the mod to go with it?
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    It has a normal trigger as far as I know?

    A helpful member has told me this is a Mauser action, suitable for project rifle. Probably worth more then I am asking I suppose.

    As for the Mod, I am keeping this as it will go on my new 30 cal rifle.

    I have been inundated with PM's - I will do my best to respond to all of them tonight. Thank you.

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    Sold pending collection. Thank you for all the interest.

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