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Thread: A good evenings work

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    A good evenings work

    Well I went for a look tonight, hopeful that the lack of moon, clear sky and not much wind would make for good foxing weather. I was right! Havent been out in about 4 weeks and previous to that shot very few foxes after harvest, been out plenty times but just not found them. First spot I stopped at I spotted some eyes about 100yds to my left. Quickly got behind the rifle (i was on my own) but it'd gone, quick lamp round and picked her up in the middle of the field at about 150 yds, obviously lamp shy and running, but then to my utter astonishment - she stopped to have a p*ss!!! Well that was a fatal mistake if ever I've seen one, could only see her eyes as she'd made it to some light cover so she got it in the head - the picture is a little gruesome for on here.

    Gathered her up and on to the next field. Sat on top of a hill behind our main wood and pheasant pen - about 300 yds from my previous spot with a good view all round. Started to squeek and after about 15 mins or so spotted a set of eyes from where I'd just come from, steaming towards me. Got rifle turned round, into an awkward position - as the land rover hatch is biased for shooting pointing forwards, so only 6" of roof to rest the bipod on around the sides and back. He stopped about 60 yds from me, a very awkwardly positioned shot due to the land rover but still managed centre mass and he was down. About 50 yds from where I'd shot the vixen and from where the dog had come from is a well used / known set - so I'm guessing these two had paired up and were on with making lots more trouble!

    Stayed in this spot for another half hour before moving down the road half a mile or so to the back side of one of our other woods. Similar situation again, set up looking at the wood on top of a hill. Started squeeking again and almost straight away the ducks in the near by pond started making a load of row, some magpies started cackling and then a few pheasants started making some noise. Sure enough 2 minutes later a set of eyes appeared in the long grass 70 yds ahead of me, so he copped for one between the eyes also - a nice big dog fox, around the 20 lb mark. Stayed another half hour again but decided to call it a night.

    All in all, a very good evening and not bad for a one man band if I do say so myself. Bit embarrassed at shooting 3 in one night - all within about 500 acres of land, but I'm putting it down to 'just one of those nights'.


    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    Very well done - no need to feel embarrassed!

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    I'm not embarrassed really, just like to think I keep well on top of the foxes on our land, so to find 3 in one evening was a suprise!
    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tjwaines View Post
    I'm not embarrassed really, just like to think I keep well on top of the foxes on our land, so to find 3 in one evening was a suprise!
    I understand, but you've got to remember they're moving about a lot at the moment, and no-one has any control over where they end up!

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    Well done mate ...........the third one in the pics looks a big brute

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    I can't think a of much better way of showing you are keeping on top of things, than the piccy!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Yeah he was a big brute, well over 20 lbs! A very satisfying couple of hours!
    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    Well done, nice report.

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    well done tom you keep killing them foxes it dosnt matter how many you kill .if they got into pheasent pen it good be disaterrous keep knocking em down mate

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