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    new to the site

    Hi all ,New comer to the site i have been shooting rimfires and shootguns over 25yrs i live in west wales i have got my dsc1 and hoping to find the time to do my level 2 this year I have a small vermin control business, alot of my work takes me all over scotland which over the last 12months as given me alot of stalking on cull deer this is how i started stalking, hope to talk to you all on the forum.

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    Welcome aboard Gadget.....

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    Welcome to the site.

    How far North does your work take you, there is a good few of us up here.


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    Hi jayb this yr i been working at grantown on spey , tarland, crathre ,aboyne, just some of the places, on my way back up at the end of the month working hoping to buy a house up that way soon.Where abouts are you mate.

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