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Thread: Schmidt and bender

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    Schmidt and bender

    Hi, hope this is the right section just bought a german 8x56 schmidt, i thought i had nothing better to do than take my meopta 7x50 1" tube off and fit it, the thing is it would not fit so i went and bought a set of 30mm mounts got them today and they were massive, is the schmidt a 1" tube or slightly more?
    Regards Neil

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    Is it a 26mm scope ? 1" equates to 25.4mm so the two do not normally fit in the same size rings, Optilocks being one of the exceptions.

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    I was under the impression the schmidt came in both 25mm and 30mm tubes so would of thought you had the 30mm although may be wrong.

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    Older scopes were 26mm rather than 1".

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    This was bought privately as a 1" but i think its a 26mm,How old were they as this ls like brandnew?

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    I don't know when they stopped importing the 26mm scopes but it was quite a few years ago.

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    1" optilocs will do the job. Have had then fitted to a 6x42 schidt with the 1" tube.


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    The S&B 8x56 is a 26mm tube. They are still available new. Usually, they are a steel tube, not aluminium as the variable scopes.
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    I had a Hungarian 8x56 that was a 26mm tube. I bought it new maybe 12 years ago. A set of 1" rings may well damage it.

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    You could lap the 1inch rings but dont take to much off. You want a snug fit

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