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Thread: Help Identifying Gun and locating scope rings for it.

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    Help Identifying Gun and locating scope rings for it.

    As I indicated in my introduction, this site has been a good source of information for me in identification of a rifle left to me by my father. Best I can tell from the many posts by Brithunter, the rifle appears to be a '57 or so Viscount Featherweight. I may be wrong but based on what I have researched, I think i'm close but I'll let you experts decide from my Pictures.

    Basics are:

    Serial 11B1049
    Caliber: .243
    Stamp 1: Two arrows crossed with what appears to be a 1on the left, aB on the right of the arrows and a 2 centered below located to the right of the firearm stats
    Stamp 2: On the left side of the receiver below the forward scope dovetail is the BSA trade marks but to the left of that and just foward is what appears to be a 7 then directly below a BNP stamp and and S1 below.
    Stamp 3: Under the rear iron sight base there is an E and the number 3

    There are also 3 holes on the left side of the receiver that I'm not sure what are for and what appears to be an odd muzzle end with no blueing whatsoever that has some very minor surface pitting on it.

    Lastly as you can tell there are no sights on it and none in the box of extra goodies it came with so will need to aquire appropriate scope mounts if I am going to let my son use it. In my research, the rals3 appear to be a fit, but the rahs3 or 4 would allow me to use a scope with a larger field of view. I have found some of the rals3 with the nub on both mounts on fleabay which I am going to aggresively pursue but would like to find a pair of the rahs4 if they are appropriate.

    Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Barrel Stamp.jpg   Bolt.jpg   Left Side.jpg   Odd Barrel End.jpg   Reciever Top.jpg  

    Rifle Right Side.jpg   serial.jpg  

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    hi it is made by Birmingham Small Arms or BSA for short which is a company in the uk.


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    It certainly looks like a BSA Viscount rifle. I think they were made until 1975 ?? could stand corrected on that. Parker Hale scopemounts should fit neatly into place on it.
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    I have a 30-06 that looks the same as your rifle exept it is a long action the serial no starts with 7B and it is a BSA Hunter Long Action Imperial.
    The style of bolt tends to give away the model all three of my BSA's have different style bolts.
    Which part of Canada do you live in.
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    Currently reside in Kelown, BC....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canuck View Post

    Basics are:
    Serial 11B1049
    Caliber: .243
    Stamp 1: Two arrows crossed with what appears to be a 1on the left, aB on the right of the arrows and a 2 centered below located to the right of the firearm stats
    Looking at your photo from the left side of the action, the barrel at the breech is marked with what appears to be 1 C 2 within an inverted Y (and that is within a circle, but the circle may not be obvious). This style of proof mark commenced on 1st January 1975. So we know your rifle is 1975 or later. The 2 refers to the inspector who proofed the rifle, the 1C is the year code. But there isn't a 1C code, it should be two letters. It might be JB which was 1983. You'll have to look more closely at this mark, with a magnifying glass, to identify the first letter.


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    I have relatives that live in Kelowna in Westbank

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    I have John Knibbs' book 'The Golden Century', which is a history of BSA guns. John gives the prefix 11B in relation to .243 calibre, as relating to the Hunter and Viscount models, produced from 1957 to 1970. There were 3,797 made. He also writes about the lightweight models for the American market.<br>
    If you look up John Knibbs International (site is ukgunroom) you may be able to contact him. I believe that John bought up all the BSA spares when production ceased. John still writes for some shooting magazines and would be able to tell you when your rifle left the factory and its exact model etc. I have always found John and his son Mark very helpful. Good luck with your quest.
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    OK using Mr Knibbs book and my sheet of view marks you have a Hunter/Viscount made in 1958.. That is J-B and not I-B as they did not use the letter "I".

    Not sure what some one has done t the muzzle but the original fore sight ramp was soldered on so some one has un-soldered it and I suppose cleaned off the solder remnants?

    This is the foresight ramp on a Majestic which is similar to that used on the Hunter/Regent/Viscout:-

    Note that one has the "BESA" recoil reducer. That's the muzzle brake .

    Hence the large bore at the muzzle.

    The photo above is actually a Majestic Ramp

    This one is a 1st Pattern Monarch.

    They continued using the same style ramp on the 1st Pattern Monarch as well. Later they switched to use the Williams ramp and rear sight.

    Oh yes the Hunter range developed into the :-

    Hunter Regent = Short Action

    Hunter Viscount = Medium Action

    Hunter Imperial = Long Action

    In 1956 this use of the Regent, Viscount and Imperial name came into being with the actions re-design of the bolt changing the extractor for a Mauser type the horse shoe type and push feed. The problems arise as BSA continued to use up inventory of parts so although now termed Viscount if the rifle has the Mauser long type extractor, as yours does, in reality it's a Hunter plain and simple but as it was made after the 1956 marketing change it's known as a Hunter Viscount. Confusing yes but that's BSA for you. Hunters were normally marked so on the left wall of the action the others were not marked as to model.

    Hope that is of some help.
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    As expected you came on and finished for me what I started. I looked at alot of your posts and came close but you got it spot on. Thanks Much.. Now hopefully i get the rals3 rings off ebay so I can at least use it. Then continue the task of finding some rahs3's to get a better scope.

    Thanks Very Much Brithunter.

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