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Thread: How long do you hang them ?

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    How long do you hang them ?

    I hang my deer carcasses for at least 2 weeks at 4 degrees and sometimes for longer . Whats the general consensus of how long to hang a carcass?


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    hang for a week as the mrs gets the hump if any longer says its wrotten same with game birds would do longer but she cooks it !!!

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    fallow 2 weeks sometimes more, roe week - 10days, munties up to a week.

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    still quivering when they hit the pot
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    Just long enough for the meat to set

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    Not too long.

    I leave my deer hanging until the rigor mortis has relaxed and I can skin the carcass more easily. Hanging conditions are important and precautions should be taken to limit flies and other pests from entering the larder especially in warmer weather. I don't have a larder fridge and I do not sell venison so I can please myself temp and time-wise but common sense must prevail. If you have refrigeration at 2-5 degree Celsius then storage time can be extended but not indefinably. Organisms causing carcass deterioration such putrefaction, moulds etc will prevail. If you have to store for longer periods then consider deep freezing or shoot less deer!!

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    Keep the larder at 2 degrees and two weeks plus will not be a problem.

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    I used to hang fallow in my pepsi chiller for about ten to 14 days, but these days I have an industrial food chiller and normally hang them for 5 to 7 days at 3 degrees celsius. I just want the meat set and am not interested in it being too gamey in flavour.


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    Quote Originally Posted by flytie View Post
    I just want the meat set and am not interested in it being too gamey in flavour.

    Does the longer you hang the meet make it taste gamier or the opposite?

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    The longer you hang it the more gamier it tastes.

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