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Thread: Bisley Rifle Range

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    Bisley Rifle Range

    Morning all,

    I have been thinking about joining Bisley as a member so I can make use of there various ranges on weekends. To help progress my reloading and also enable me to practice at some slightly longer foxing ranges. Most ranges elsewhere seem to be 100 yards all in.

    As far as I understand, in order to become a member there one needs to become a member of the National Rifle Association but the information is not very clear on the website.

    Does any one know:

    a). How one becomes a member, do you need a reference etc.
    b). If I become a member, am I able to book in on a weekend and do my own thing in my own lane (ie. Load development) or do you have to go as a member of another club and shoot competitions etc…?!

    Any experience or advice welcome.



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    a) Yes you need 2 references. You can download a membership pack from their web site I think.b) You book a lane and turn up and can do your own thin (within reason)You can call them and they will answer any questions that you have. They are very helpful.I am not a member, but have looked into it in the past and have shot there with the RAF. Bloody great place.

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    I emailed them to confirm what was required. They suggest you pop up and have a chat to some of the regulars and get yourself a couple of "sponsors". Then you are looking at about £220 in initial membership fees - that is for NRA and BSRC so you can then go and use the ranges by booking slots in. The repeated yearly membership after that isn't as much, it's just the initial outlay as BSRC insist on you being a member of the NRA.

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    Have a chat with Heather Webb. She can be contacted at
    I think you'll find her very helpful and will try her best to get you sorted.

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    Miles - have a look at joining one of the clubs that are based at Bisley. The NRA is the overall governing body that runs most of the ranges on Bisley camp - but not all of them.
    I was a member of the British Sporting Rifle Club for many years when I lived near enough to shoot there. They have statics & running target ranges to 100 yards plus clubhouse. A great club with pleasant members. Great for zeroing & competitions also.
    It may be necessary to be a NRA member also these days.


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    I have been a member of the Old Sergents Mess club for the last year or so have been very pleased that I joined. Very social and a mixture of different levels of experience. Have a look at their web page or give them a call on 01483799998. The club shoots alternate days of the weekend each month so a month of shooting on Saturdays then a month of shooting on Sundays.

    You dont have to be a member of the NRA but it helps especially if you want to book a range in the week on your own.

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    if you don't mind company we shoot monthly at Bisley all year round, and I doubt you will get a cheaper membership
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    Quote Originally Posted by kennyc View Post
    if you don't mind company we shoot monthly at Bisley all year round, and I doubt you will get a cheaper membership
    KennyC is quite right, there aren't many cheaper ways to use Bisley facilities and there is a good chance there'll be a jolly to WMS in Wales in the summer, again. There may be a club near you that has other facilities, worth checking out.

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    I cannot remember the exact figures, but a couple of years ago, when I was strapped for somewhere to shoot, I popped in to see how I go about using their ranges.
    I had to join the NRA, then take a 'Familiarisation' course, silly me didn't renew my RCO qualification when it expired and once that lot was paid for, another £30 each time I wanted to use the range.
    It worked out quite expensive with mileage and range fees so didn't go as often as I would have liked.

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    am not 100 percent but dot think expanding ammo is permitted

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