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Thread: Which 6.5mmx55mm Reloading gear

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    Which 6.5mmx55mm Reloading gear


    A wee shout out to those who have far more experience in these matters than me! Can anyone recommend reloading tools accessories for a 6.5mmx55mm or equally important for which makes to keep away from. Im starting from scratch so would like to try get the good stuff first time! It's not 1000yd gear Im after. My main aim is to home load some cracking deer loads. I know that this is a long process but any help from people would be appreciated.

    Many Thanks

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    You can load 6.5x55 with any of the reputable makes of dies and it will shoot fine I load mine with Lee or RCBS it does not make a differance to the accuracy, loading is not a long process go out and buy a good reloading book, Lees second edition is good and gives lots of good usefull tips.
    Case length guage
    Case lube
    Chamfer Tool
    Primer hole cleaner
    Scotch brite pad (for case cleaning)
    Vernier calipers ( to check case length but if you use Lee case length guage you can get away without this to start with)
    Buy 5 or 6 boxes of different make ammo and see which ones shoot best and then make your first loads to the same length.
    This will give you a starting point to the length you want to make your loads.
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    You'll never go far wrong with RCBS kit.

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    Cheers guys,

    The shop that i work has a account with Gmk who are agents for RCBS, cost price goods sounds good too me lol!!

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    You'll never go far wrong with RCBS kit.
    Another RCBS vote from me also, plus it will hold it's value when / if you decide to sell it on. Lee gear is OK but you will see a quality difference against RCBS.

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    Redding and Forster also top notch but you wont go far wrong with RCBS

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    I am in the same boat, same caliber, same reason to reload, but i dont want to spend too much!

    I have the Lee Reloading Manual, So was thinking of buying a Lee Kit.

    Is this any Good?

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    i use lee gear for my 6.5x55 22.250 works good enough for 1" groups 200 yrds

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    Lee Deluxe Collet Dies are pretty good and the Lee hand primer does the job, their balances aren't the best quality though. I have an RCBS Rockchucker press which is built like the proverbial outside toilet. I have been recently been using some Hornady Lock-N-Load die bushes which allow quick die changes without altering your settings, I paid about 13 in total for three die bushes and the press bush.
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    Nothing wrong with RCBS stuff - it's the 'Benchmark'. Lee stuff works & does the job, but doesn't have a 'Quality' feel about it and so will always be a runner up. The prices are lower than RCBS though.
    The Hornady Lock 'n Load is a very good press too & has an excellent collet system for quick change of dies.

    Nothing wrong usually with buying 2nd hand RCBS stuff press,dies,trimmer, powder trickler, etc etc.
    IMO Lee dies are cheap and cheerful. Will work, but definitely not in the same league as RCBS or Redding.
    A good move is to get a Comparator Guage, for your vernier caliper, so you can check your cartridge OAL properly.

    The Lyman manual has a good range of differing loads in it too. Cheers.
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