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    I was wondering if someone conversant with this breed could give me a few pointers, i know my munsters & although the GWP could be similar looks (sort of) what do 's & don t's are associated with the GWP breed ?
    Are they easily trained, good with basics YES & NO ? easy keep & maintained ?
    I know my dogs , i have had many working dogs, so no novice.
    Thank you

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    GWP my enthusiasm.

    GWP.....I cannot fault this dog for versatility,work mine with bird of prey, as a gun-dog beating as well as picking up and stalking. Enter dog to your main genre first, allow plenty of time for dog to develop. I put in two years hard work then last season dog was good and this season that good became excellent he is now 4 and I am a total convert he is my first HPR breed i have worked,previously i have always had spaniels and labs. If as you say you know your dogs you'll love one of these.
    Good luck.
    Just edited this comment because when i read it ,it came across as a bit of a brag that is not how i meant it to read i am just enthused with this breed and would now never not have one in my kennel.
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    + one with carpy.
    would not swap my GWP for anything. Lots of ups and downs as they are a very strongwilled dog, but when on form a joy to be out with.
    not owned or been out with a munsterlander so sorry I cant give you a comparison though.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    Had a GSP ( Great lad ) last and then got a GWP. Chalk and cheese. Our GWP's head is full of mince which makes him a fun family pet but a working dog.............dear god, no way !

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    If I had the proper place for it, I'd own a GWP. I've been rough shooting with some of my fellows GWP. Very tough dogs, when shooting in thorny? bush terrain, it will get into the bushes where pointers, GP, etc won't even dare. Tireless in very hot weather which is very useful while hunting in the summer in Spain, but also in very cold days as a good German. Tough dogs to train, but you have experience with dogs. Excellents while retreiving. Endless passion for hunting.

    No personal experience blood tracking with them, but if Central Europeans use them, why not British or Spanish???

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    Fantastic dog......but no walk in the park.

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