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Thread: Some People have no Idea or Taste

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    Some People have no Idea or Taste

    Been at the LAMMA machinery show in Newark today, selling our venison burgers along with bison bugers. It never ceases to amaze me how many people turn up there noses to venison.

    We hear it all. How can you eat that stuff, How can you shoot such a magestic animal (dead easy I get paid), Bet its been hung for weeks and the best If it tastes like pheasent I wont eat it.(dose it look like a pheasent)

    Some people are so ignorant that trying to educate them is a waist of time and energy.
    The icing on the cake is that 90% of the people there were farmers and country people. We always sell more bison than venison but today was particularly hard. Or I'm getting old

    They say there is a venison shortage in this country. Well today we did not have that problem.
    Do other people have this problem promoting venison

    AAAAAAAA thats better

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    Sounds like a case of if you've got to explain it to a person they actually are incapable of understanding. Their loss.

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    I work in a factory that makes diamond tools mate, if word gets round the 100 or so workforce that I've grassed a deer i get bombarded with requests for burgers, sausages, steaks etc.

    We've got a canteen and the girl who does the cooking in there is superb. I brought in a batch of sausages and burgers and got her to cook them in place of the usual crud she has to get (from best buy or wherever it all comes from) for everyones breakfast/lunch depending on what they order. When they were all asking where she gets the new fantastic burgers etc she just said they're Nicks bambi stuff.

    So people do like it mate, i think you're just unlucky in finding some that don't! Do you do any sort of taster samples for Joe public? A small tit bit they can try afore they buy?
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    Got some of our game students going tommorow so hopefully you'll have a bit more custom

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    We dont normaly have any problems.
    Just today it was hard work,
    We normaly do the game fairs and country fairs and we sell out, But hay just one of those day

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    the last 3 beasts ive downed i havent had a sniff of venison , folk come out the woodwork looking for it

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    most of my family tell me i,m evil shooting deer and would never eat it(female side) well after cooking sunday roast(leg of fallow) for 8 and myself and never told anyone what the meat was? after dinner everyone asked what was that meat it was lovely!!! venison was the reply. now all want me too get them some and the only person that was funny about it said they would have it again as long as i dint tell them what it was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!stav
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    I suspect that the problem at the LAMMA show has more to do with increasing distance between farming and the countryside, a lot of people involved in farming today are little more than factory workers. No disrespect intended to farm workers or factory workers, just an observation. JC

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    I think the venison burgers and stuff folk sell at shows and so on a great, but I won't buy them. Why? 'cos they all insist on putting them in a disgusting cheapo white bap!!! Talk about destroying a quality product! Every time it's so dissapointing - lovely smell, taste buds going, I ask "can you put it in a wholemeal roll please (preferably home made, like the burger)?" No chance. So I keep my cash in my pocket, and take a packed lunch (with proper bread!).

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    VSS, I've been arguing about this with my boss for a while. We have amazing sausages and burgers, made by a local GHE using locally sourced rare breed meats and top quality venison. If we could source decent, locally made rolls (which I have, and at very little extra cost) then it would do the meat justice. We tried it for a couple of days and got loads of good feedback, but we're still buying brakes "rustic bread rolls". Drives me mad!

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