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Thread: Time for a Variation..?

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    Time for a Variation..?

    I do not want to reignite calibre debates and i have already followed several posts on here and learned a lot from the SD posse.
    My specific issue is this; for several years i have been very happy with my sako 75 in .243.
    When i got it i envisaged it was all the gun i would ever need for my local woodland fallow, and it has proved up to the job.
    However i now have the opportunity of some ground with boar on......
    I cannot afford to have 2 rifles sitting around long term and the masterplan would be to get the variation, buy my new set up
    and finally recoup some dosh on the 75. So this next one really has to be jack of all trades.
    Now the biggie - what calibre (s) to seriously consider ? all i would say is that i like a mild recoil and the newbie will also be moderated.
    I am not as young as i used to be but still walk a fair bit during a day in the woods ( when not in a seat!) so lightness is a bonus.
    Throw it open to the floor, all comments gratefully received....

    Should have also said i dont reload so that variety of readily available factory loads are also preferred.

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    The .308 Win does everything you want it to do, with a huge range of factory ammunition available. It also uses a short action (slightly lighter and stiffer) and moderated the recoil should be comfortable. It will take any animal you're likely to find in the UK with ease, and there are hundreds of rifle options available.

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    i would also be looking at a .308 and as already said there is a big range of factory ammo avalible and also a lot .308's out there but if you buy second hand just be carefull as .308 is a popular target round so watch your not buying one which has been burnt out but there are obviously bargins out there to be had

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    Got and have had lots of different cals and the .308 is the best "jack" of anything I've seen IMHO, cheers

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    ...or a manly 30-06

    I'd also strongly consider the .270 and the 7mm rem mag

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    Get your Sako re-barrelled with a 20" custom 308 barrel. Just don't let em fit something heavy.

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    if you can try a few of your mates guns and see what you feel happy with , at the end of the day if your confident in your kit youll shoot better with it . I think if you shoot alot of deer and a few foxes 308 , if its mostly foxes and a few deer 243

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    re barrelled....

    Thats an interesting route i hadn't considered. Do you have a rough/ ballpark idea of what that sort of work costs?

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    the .308 is the sensible option .i however went for the 30-06 a little bit more in the recoil ,but is even more versatile in relation to bullet weights,its modded by the way

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