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Thread: hornet reloads for beginners

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    hornet reloads for beginners

    Having just received my ticket (only took 5 1/2 months and its got to go back for 'alterations'!!) i have acquired a nice 22 hornet. I will be hoping to do some home loading eventually and wondered if you knowledgeable gents could suggest some required reading for complete beginners, also what equipment exactly will I need?

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    The normal press, dies, scales, case length trimmer etc.
    I use Lee dies in this order, decapping die (then ultrsonic clean brass), collet neck sizer, case mouth flaring, bullet seating and then the factory crimp die.
    If your going to use brass from another rifle you will need to add a full length sizing die, I don't so haven't bothered with one, some of my cases are now on the 14th load with no problems.
    Power is H110 under 35 grain V-max with remington 6 1/2 primers.
    Now just hope Muir adds his bit because he helped me enormously


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    Hello guys,
    The best load for my BRNO fox was 9.3grns of Hogdon H110 powder, a small rifle primer magnum primer, 40grn Hornady soft point in a Winchester case.
    H110 is a good powder as it does not fill the small case as some other powders do, also it is a ball powder so a magnum primer is supposed to give the best burn.
    I seldom cleaned the cases apart from the odd tumble.
    Cleaning the primer pocket is important as it does "crud up".
    Neck size with a good quality die (RCBS) no need to crimp cases!!

    A very nice little round - don't over stoke the cases as they will deteriorate quickly - good luck.

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    the hornet is a great cartridge to load for ! im sure muir will pipe in soon "he's the master with the hornet " but as a beginner lill gun is a good LOW pressure powder to start with and it certainly save case life because of the low pressure,you will probably end up staying with it! as the case even full is well down on pressure ,i use 12.5 grains lill gun, remmi primer (SMALL PISTOL not small rifle ) and a 40g vmax and its devastating in an OLD brno , depending on the rifle you may get better accuracy from a slightly lighter bullet ,lee kit is as good as any to start with .

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    In answer to Bladesman's request for reading material for beginners, the Speer manuals are very comprehensive and easy to understand. The latest is number 14 in which you will find specific updated guidance for the Hornet. The older Speer manuals all contain very good guidance for beginners and more experienced people alike.
    I use similar equipment to Hornet 6' post above but do not crimp. Preparing and flaring the case mouth is particulary important with Hornet brass.
    I have an old but good BSA Hornet in which I shoot 13 grains of H Li'll Gun powder, small pistol primer and a 40 grain Sierra hollow point. It gives 2900 fps over the chronograph and is kind to the brass. It shoots better groups than I can. Winchester brass seems tighter (less capacity) than others and the 13 grains of Li'll Gun may fill your case.
    My BSA will simply not shoot Winchester factory loads with anything like decent groups. However it is fine with reloaded Winchester brass. Good luck.

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    I follow the same process as Hornet6 except for the ultrasonic clean. Muir helped me a lot as well.

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    Thanks Gents, will be keeping an eye out and trying to track down some manuals and equipment in the coming weeks...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bladesman View Post
    Thanks Gents, will be keeping an eye out and trying to track down some manuals and equipment in the coming weeks...
    The only manual for the Hornet I have is the one book one calibre.
    I would not be without mine, actually one for each calibre I load.


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    Thanks Neil, will be ordering one tday.

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    Hi all. I pretty much second what was written above, especially about flaring the neck and using a crimp die. This has been No's 1 and 2 in the final key to good Hornet accuracy. The flaring assures straight bullet seating and the crimp removes flare and provided even neck tension and pull weight. In all of my Horneteering over the last 3.5 decades, the remaining powders are Accurate Arms 1680, H-110 (Win 296) and Hodgdon's Lil Gun. I touch these all off with a small pistol primer and get excellent+ results from a pair of CZ's I load for. Trim every loading or the crimp is meaningless. I've never heard a negative comment about these techniques. Good Luck.~Muir

    (PS: Everything you can get from the One Caliber book you can pretty much get on line. The Lee manual is the most all complete)

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