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Thread: Success For gr1ffer!!

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    Success For gr1ffer!!

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    Back in September I put a post up saying that Kris (gr1ffer) had braved the back-end of the hurricane to try for a sika stag before going on a 6 month tour of Afghanistan. We were beaten by the weather then although we still saw a few deer.

    Well, I invited him back to have a go at the hinds when on R&R before heading back for a final 3 months, and although things have been incredibly quiet lately, so much so that I intended leaving further visits for a couple of weeks, he managed this small calf. It was a good beast to get as it appeared in a planting on its own and its body condition and lack of fat would suggest not the best nourished and no hind with it.

    I knew it was his first sika, but then Kris told me that it meant he had now shot all 6 British species of deer as well.

    I hope you enjoyed the trip Kris and I wont say any more and steal your thunder...

    All the best to you and the boys when you head back over.

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    Well done to you both.

    Stay Safe Kris

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    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
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