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Thread: Fallow Shot Placement

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    Fallow Shot Placement

    I have the chance to cull an excess stag from a private herd of Fallow. Three Stags are in attendance, one too many. Not knowing much about Fallow where is the optimum shot placement to reduce the loss of venison ? Behind the front leg for a double lung shot ?

    If anyone has a shot placement diagram I'd appreciate it.

    Rifle is my 7x57 with RWS 173 grn H-Mantles (which is the most accurate projectile in this rifle) and Zeiss Victory 2.5-10x42T.



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    For optimum lack of waste a head or neck shot is the key however any normal heart shot will ensure a swift death with little meat waste...

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    If you need to ask, go for Heart/Lung region, ie. follow the back of the front leg up to the middle (or just below) of the deer and let one downrange. Google this shot placement there are plenty of diagrams - ensure the animal is broadside to avoid an angle exit via shoulder or guts. keep the shot under 150 yds if you can, the closer to 100 the better.

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    Any chest shot will produce some shoulder damage, i'd just go for the classic heart shot and be done with it. All that I would consider is moving the shot dependant on how he's stood. if you are confident and comfortable with head or neck shooting then this will obviously reduce meat damage but personally I would rather sacrifice a bit of shoulder.

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    Found a free to use Diagram.

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    That's your heart shot, there will be a bit of damage on both shoulders but you will have a dead animal and a clean carcass.

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