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Thread: big thanks to jammross65

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    big thanks to jammross65

    well it all started last year before i deployed i wanted to take a sika 2 reasons id never seen one out of a book and shooting one would complete my six species last year i tried during late september through a hurricane and despite seeing alot of deer and a huge stag im no sika expert but you could see he was massive sporting both impressive antlers and body weight that would make a red deer think twice, we failed to connect. I had such a good experience and learned alot i asked brian if he would let me try in january on my r&r and he very kindly went out of his way to fit me in and moved both work and home commitments.
    So after 3 months overseas i finally arrived at peebles ready to go. We met brian in the morning and followed him to his stalking grounds the wind was a cold nw and up to 35mph brian explained it had been very quiet lately and even though there aws alot of deer around getting a shot or seeing one would be a different story.
    i went to a high seat under brians direction and my friend john walked to his while brian went to overwatch a track hoping between the 3 of us we could catch up with a few fat hinds. Within 15 minutes i heard crashing through to trees to my left i thought brian may have pushed a herd as he moved to his position , i got ready. A herd of 30 sika broke the tree line 20-30 yards from the high seat once on the clearing they put there heads into the wind and never broke pace, vanishing over the ridge, a fox followed suit a couple of minutes followed a few minutes later by a short haired pointer. obviously the reason the deer left the wood. The pointer moved to the high seat and sniffed at my sticks below i thought it may be a lost dog so tried to catch it and tie it to the high seat. No joy it ran off back into the wood. I saw several more hinds leave the wood to my right well out of range and head over the hill.
    we all met for dinner and swapped stories we all saw a substantial amount of deer most being disturbed by the dog and offering no chance of a shot. after lunch john wanted to return to the high seat he was in earlier and me and brian went for a wander i was directed through part of the wood that would see me overlooking a small clearing, i got in nice and quiet and settled down for the last hour or so of daylight.
    i spied the face for an hour seeing nothing till some movment caught my eye below i spied a lone sika through the binos you could see it was a calf, thinking a hind and calf or a small herd may have moved in without me seeing i watched for 5 minutes or so, but the poor calf was alone i ranged at 207 yards and gave 3 inches for the the 10 oclock wind. The 7mm round connected with the shoulder and the little calf dropped on the spot.
    i walked down to the deer and gralloched it before seeing brian and dragged the deer down to him. we walked back to the motor before driving back to meet john. Unforntuatly john failed to get a shot but we were both very happy and had saw plenty of deer all day amd drove home that night to warm beds and neglected girlfriends.
    ive already asked to come back for the stags later in the year ill try and tie it in with a week on the red stags. I really enjoy stalking with brian he has a true respect for deer and really cares for his patch. i consider him a good mate now and would like to keep coming as long as he"ll have me.
    cheers brian
    john took some good photos of the estate ill post them when i see him today.


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    That's kind words Kris, and you are welcome to come whenever you want.

    Now, just to highlight a couple of points. The dog that disturbed the deer turned out to be the estate owners wife's GSP. It was a long way from home but found its way back okay after checking up. Just shows you though, you could be sat in a seat for a couple of hours thinking nout here, when there is literally a herd of them a matter of yards inside the trees from you!

    Secondly, I asked Kris how he got on during the last tour. He said he had a small wound, bullet fragments in his leg thanks to the Taliban!!! No bid deal apparently, removed and then carry on with duties. I tried to compare the pain to my own experiences and apart for a period in my life of getting battered about boxing rings, the best I could come up with was the sting of a 'Mitre' plastic football on your inner thigh on a winters day football match....

    Now, that is real pain Kris...

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    That is a great report and its nice to thank your guide in such a way.
    I just want to thank Kris and the other service personel on this forum for the job they do overseas.

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    i once took a bungee cord strike on a frozen hand made me wince

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    Well done mate ,not a bad feat

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    Well done. Jamrosss knows his stuff on that lovely bit of ground.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    The smile says it all!

    I am hoping to get a CWD and Munty later this year with Max, then I can claim all 6 as well. Looking forward to the new experience whether I get one or not!

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