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Thread: Removed, ill thought out post.

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    Removed, ill thought out post.

    Apologies, Pete.

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    Seeing as this is a very divisive subject, do you really think its a good idea to air our differences on public forums for the Anti's to see?

    I doubt any contributor to such a thread will change their mind on the subject, so I really don't see whats to be gained, except by giving the Anti's a good laugh at our expense...

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    Pete E, Having re-read it, I couldn't agree withyou more. I apologise and have removed it. Pete.

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    Down wind i find nothing wrong with answering your question i love lots of (field sports ) The hunting with hounds was one of my favourites and i also worked terriers to ground .Sadly my last terrier passed away a few years back and i have not had the chance to continue .
    I love to see dogs work to there full potential be it hound (sight or sent )gun dog or terrier.

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    6.5, thanks for your comments. I stand by everything that you read in my post and would debate passionately on the subject. I've been a dog-man all my adult life and love all aspects of dog/hound work, but as Pete E pointed out, in- fighting is only fuel to the Anti's cause and should be avoided at all times. All the best, cheers, Pete.

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