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Thread: Cleaning Kits.

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    Cleaning Kits.

    Hi guys, I have never actually bought my own cleaning kits for any of my guns, I have just collected bits and bobs over the years and to be honest most of the kit has seen better days. What I am looking for is a full set to clean both my .308 and .22lr. Can anybody reccomend a good kit and best place to get it from please? Any other info would be great, Tim.

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    Bore snakes in the relevent Cal. then something to oil the barrel.

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    I use a Boresnake on my Shotgun, I always thought that rifle barrels needed more attention though and that there was a chance of damage with a Boresnake, being too rough possibly. Anybody else out there using them? T

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    Without any intended offence, I would opt for other than boresnakes.

    There are several posts regards good techniques.

    In terms of kit a good rod - the shortest and largest diameter that will suit your bores. You mention 22 and 308. If you can afford it I would recommend a rod for each because of the size difference. The aim is to have one that flexes as little as possible.

    Things to aim for are solid rather than jointed rods with a free running handle - the better ones have bearings. Some form of plastic/ nylon coating is useful - always taking care to keep the shaft clean ( ooer! ) and particular clear of grit.

    I use Dewey and love them - expensive, but long lived. There wasnt a lot wrong with Parkerhale. Tipton and Proshot have good reputation - but I've not used them.

    I recommend a spear type jag of correct size - push patch through and drop it out the muzzle. Correct size patches to suit.

    I deal with rifles in near daily and heavy use and only use patches, Butches bore shine and Forest or Wipe out foam to deal with copper fouling.

    Whilst rarely use brushes, they have a role. Take care to avoid contaminating the solvent. If using copper type brushes, I neutralise solvent with brake cleaner after use. If using, tend to use nylon brushes – but like the rods work hard to ensure they are clean.

    A bore guide isn’t essential, but a good idea – its just another layer in the system that helps clean rather than damage the rifle. With a Sako as personal rifle, it has a narrow breach area so hard to find bore guides. I use one from Midway - its something like Sleepy Possum? Possum Hollow - whatever, there's definitely a possum involved!

    Strays strictly out of kit, but use a Sentry cloth for wiping over and Napier grease for lubing the locking lugs.

    All that said, not certain of anywhere offering as a complete kit – but the good rod makers do good attachments.

    Hope that helps and I await crucifixion from the bore snake fans!
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    dewey rods here also. there nto to dear but last years. also a bore guide for the rifles is a must imo. tell them at reloading solutions what action its for and they will give you the right one.

    spear jag for both. if you buy the dewey rods they come with the spear jag. and kg carbon and copper remover. and some nylon brushes to.

    i don't often clean there 22lr as they don't seam to lose much accuracy unlike a fast firing cf which you have to keep on top of.

    a bore snake is ok to use in the field if you need to give it a quick clean. but it will never remove the copper and carbon in a cf barrel.

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    Thanks guys! Spoke with my local gundealer this morning! He has lots of kit in stock. He advised two Parker Hale rods, all the matching bits, oils and copper remover. Less than 50. Sounds ok to me, and there were some patches, and few other bits and bobs. Thanks for all your info, much appreciated, Tim.

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    +1 for Dewey along with a bore guide.

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