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Thread: Clay shooting

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    Clay shooting

    Hello guys
    Just wondering if anyone has any information about clay shooting instructor courses I'm already a cpsa range safety officer and just want to further my self
    Hope to here back

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    HI ied hunter wot is rong with the cpsa cours

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    Look up C.P.S.A. on the internet.
    You will find many courses between now and the end of October.
    If you are a CPSA safety officer as stated I do not understand why you have asked that question here.


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    There are alternatives, you could become a BASC Shotgun coach

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    I only asked on here as I have searched online and couldn't find much I did my safety officers course in Germany as I'm in the army and now I'm at headly court on rehab I have a lot more time on my hands. Thanks for the posts are these course like week long or are they work book ?? Thanks guys

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    The BASC award can be achieved at your own pace in the workplace - an NVQ style of assessment and learning

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