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Thread: `enuff said about your poxy recoil!

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    `enuff said about your poxy recoil!

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    haha, I rmeember seeing an article about that a while ago while looking (out of interest, my FEO isn't that generous) into the most powerful rifles available. I can't remember the parent case - have a funny feeling it was some form of aircraft cannon that the round was based on (vulcan?)

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    Think he uses balistic tips ?

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    Were they empty wine bottles that came out or cases ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olaf View Post
    Were they empty wine bottles that came out or cases ?
    Those little bottles hold 600 grains of wc872, that equates to about 11 shots per lb of powder

    heres another one,intresting video about halfway down the page

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    Might get caught up un the bushes if you woodland stalking
    It's accuracy that kills.

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    I have no need for one yet!
    But I want one.....Awsome

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    Holly crap what a beast, a real glen emptier ! Think a T8 would fit or make any differance ?

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    Just trying to figure out a " good reason" for owning one.
    I could afford o load at least three rounds per year for it.


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