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Thread: bull elk

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    Wow!!! That must have been in agony!!!

    Thanks for sharing!



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    That is amazing, It just goes to show how tough some of these animals really are.
    It would certainly have us reaching for a plaster.

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    How do they get over injuries like that!?

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    I don't think ouch would quite cover that!!!!

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    It would have been good to know how the animal was behaving just prior to being shot. It surely must have been showing some sign that things were not quite right...

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    That's unreal! If you think how annoying a tiny splinter can be then that must have been agony. Definitely better off shot!

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    did you read the qoute about the wound healing over!! got me thinking about them people with scissors inside them for 25 years or more after an operation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pigeonjake View Post
    Well done
    For what exactly??? Useless and very unsubtle bumping of your post count perhaps? What do you want to sell then...? Must want to post something in classifieds....
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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