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Thread: squirrel question

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    squirrel question

    i put out a couple of rabbits for fox bait the other evening and setup a trailcam. all i captured was squirrels on the camera but i noticed the rabbits had been partially eaten. the positioning of the camera wasn't right and i couldnt see the rabbit area fully but could capture the squirrels at the rabbit carcasses. I dont know a lot about squirrels but would they scavenge on rabbits given the chance. they certainly appeared to be visiting the carcasses.


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    They take chicks from nests so why not a bit of rabbit?

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    rats and mice will eat rabbit baits , why not squirrels

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    Squirrels are most definitely meat eaters.
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    thanks for the replies, my area doesnt have the numbers of squirrels that some other may have so they are an unknown for me.


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