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Thread: Group Buy - Solarforce Skylight 1 gunlight full kit (same as clulite masterlite)

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    Group Buy - Solarforce Skylight 1 gunlight full kit (same as clulite masterlite)

    Now Closed

    Following the sale of my Solarforce Skylight 1 gunlight in the link below
    I’ve arranged a group buy because of the number of people who wanted it after it was sold.

    This is exactly the same light that Clulite rebrand and sell as the Masterlight Supreme and sell for £145. It has a massively deep reflector, a 300 lumen CREE LED and infinitely variable brightness. The dimmer is built into the tail cap and it comes with a dedicated rifle mounting pressure pad switch that also has the dimmer built in. This is an incredibly tight beam and will illuminate to rifle scope field of view well past 250 yards.

    Option 1, at £67, is the full kit including the skylight1 + dimming pressure switch + charger + 2 x 2400mah protected cells (you only get one in the clulite box)+ a compact universal scope mount.

    Option 2, at £44 is the skylight1 + dimming pressure switch only
    This includes Paypal fees, my international money transfer costs and international shipping direct to you. (also nothing daft happening to the exchange rate over the weekend!).
    We need a minimum of 10 members to get the price quoted. I need to make a single payment for the GB and to email the list of individual shipping addresses and requirements and they will dispatch to individual addresses.

    How it will work;
    1, Firstly, please don’t PM me it will fill up my inbox and stuff will get lost.
    2, If you want to take part please add your user name to the thread also quoting “option 1 or 2”
    3, I will send you my PP details, pay me in the normal way so you are protected and I capture your address from PP. Quote your forum user name and option 1 or 2 in the comments box.
    4, At 11:30 on Sunday night I will tot up the activity in my PP account and email the supplier to confirm he can fulfill the order.
    5, Upon confirmation from the supplier I will send the order details and release the funds.
    Delivery is normally less than a week

    What can go wrong?
    What if we don’t reach the minimum order? I’m also posting this else ware so we should be ok for numbers and I’ll try to negotiate but; I’ll only place the order at the prices quoted I won’t be coming back to you for a few pounds more, I’ll just process PP refunds if I can’t keep to the prices.
    Customs? I’ve never been charged customs fees from HK packages but I have to tell you the responsibility is yours.
    None delivery? I’ve also never had a lost parcel from this supplier and in the rare event that this did happen I’ll happily act to resolve issues but if it comes to an impasse with the supplier I can’t be guarantor for the loss.
    Gentlemen, start your engines.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 8740 View Post £39.95 post free.
    Please engage your brain before posting!
    Yes taclite are a site that sell some nice torches but not a complete skylite thrower and full rechargeable shooting setup with mount, or anything close as a tight spot thrower for £67, ebay also sell torches from 99p..... neither are price/performance comparable.
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