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Thread: Door Mounted Rifle Rests

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    Door Mounted Rifle Rests


    I've been be considering a door mounted rifle rest for lamping rabbits and foxes...I have made one out of PVC piping and while it works, I'd like something a bit more solid...

    We don't seem to have many on the market in the UK, so far I only found the two below:

    I have seen other similar designs which are sold abroad, but they all have two braces from the centre of the uprights back to the door as in the picture below:

    My concern is that the rest from Shootright will not be solid enough and especially in this freezing weather, the suction cups may not hold properly..Has anybody used one ? Any comments about it good or bad?

    The second below works on a different design principle...

    This one is pretty much only fits the vehicle its made for and that puts me off as really i want to switch it between vehicles...However, I suspect its a more solid design as it has a brace...

    Any thoughts or comments? Anybody know of any other designs sold in the UK??



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    wing mirror!!!! with a bid of padding

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    Heard good things about these:

    Though I tend to use some pipe lagging over the top of the window and over the tip of the wing mirror.

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    I use a piece of 2X2 with a groove cut into the underside to fit over the window glass, and a piece of carpet stuck on the top for resting the gun on. I normally only use it with my 22lr and it works perfect.


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    This is what I use, it's called a Solo Rest. I'm not sure if they are still being made. The manufacturer was/is I believe T Robbins from Holme Park game farm, phone number 0118 989 0242
    It's a rock solid platform that has served me well for eight or nine years now. The pipe lagging was added by myself as the foam supplied was not thick enough.

    Failing that, have a look at this one

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    Just a bit of old carpet over the bottom of the open window frame. And don't forget that you 'scope is a bit above your barrel. So watch that mirror!

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    Thanks gents, particulary Elwood..

    I've tried various forms of padding on the window and as a right hander, it works ok for me when in the passanger seat, but not when I'm a driver as the door is "too close" so to speak...


    Can you elaberate how that rest fixes to the vehicle?? Or better yet, do you have any pics of it off the vehicle???

    Thanks again,


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    Pete, it slides on and off, there are no fixings as such. There are two clamps that slide over the door inside and out these can be adjusted to fit as tight or as loose (not a good idea) as you want. The longer arm that comes half way down the door takes up all the weight that you put on the rest, it has I believe a pad underneath that gives excellent grip.
    These will pretty much fit any vehicle.

    This is how stable they are, I drive down the road with mine attached and it has never come off, but beware driving through narrow gate ways!

    But as I have said I'm not sure if he still makes them, I did try and google it but it came up with nothing, which isn't normally a good sign.

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    I spoke to the guy earlier and although he no longer makes them, he still has a few left for sale...

    He's not got a presence on the Net by the sounds of it and I'm awaiting some info to arrive by snail mail..

    He also mention something about it holding a lamp which came as part of the kit?



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    Pete, looks like you are in luck then, did he give you a price ?
    Yes it does come with a lamp holder, mine came with a lamp as well, but the lamp was a old Cluson OK for rabbits but not foxes. I took the lamp holder off as it wasn't necessary for my needs.

    These really are built well and wouldn't be without mine.

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