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Thread: Channel 4 Poaching scum!

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    Channel 4 Poaching scum!

    Did any one see that shower of sh*t course and kill a Chinese water deer?!

    How does this scum get of with behavior like this?! If any normal people acted like this and were caught we would end up in jail!!


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    Yes doe in a summer coat!!! Got to be bedford

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    Oh god forbid you single out a minority....especially scum like them!

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    Just watched it and can't believe it.

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    Gypsy Blood

    Anyone else see the c**ts coursing and killing the CWD live on Channel 4 .........?

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    sky plussed it, saw the dirty little tinkers swinging the carcass on the advert.... i didn't think they liked dags??
    regards, Jez.
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    just posted on nells post. how can this program be aired ,cock fighting to the death poaching rabbits and to kill that chinese with one foot on its head and pull the back legs just goes to show they are proving they can do what they want absolute discrace

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    Yep just seen it - savages

    Found out 2 weeks ago that two of our nomadic cousins ripped of my mother for 300 for cleaning her drive - diserve all the bad PR they get in my book..

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    Bet nothing comes of it!

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