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Thread: Decoying on rape?

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    Decoying on rape?

    Anyone had good bags on rape lately? Or is the one shot and there gone, common?

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    hard work at the moment up here in the North East. Started to group up and as you say one shot and there gone. Roosting is producing a few more birds


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    Pigeons allready hard on the Rape in North Kent - and its only early November - no Acorns about - shot yesterday - 3 guns - 290 birds - could be a long Winter for the farmers !!!

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    really struggling round here although there about they are disappearing as soon as you get there or after having a go at them. 100's of feral pigeons about though. The rape isn't really coming through yet so i expect they will really start to hammer it soon.

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    Strange you should post this, saw a big flock hammering some rape near Bath Sunday lunchtime, rape was no mre than 6" high. We have very few acorns, unlike last year and the rape went in late into prob poor seed beds so hasn't established v well so I think it is going to be easy pigeon fodder.

    In 35 yrs of pigeon shooting esp on rape then you need wind and to a degree more the better, can be hopeless on really big fields unless there are a few guns out or you use some other deterent to keep them off the unshot places. Carefull analysis of flightlines is also a key component. With current cost of cartridges you want to be selling them at least 50p each to remain cost neutral.

    Good luck


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    Decoying on winter rape is always hard up here, (1) There`s too much of it (2) The fields are getting bigger and bigger (3) This year is so late it`s only at about 1/2 inch, 3 of us were out on Friday ALL day for a total of 86 birds, not a lot about which is suprising, flocks that came in were in the 30`s-40`s one shot and gone, we`ll have to see what happens if we get a bit of the white stuff ?????


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