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    Red Hind

    I have regular access to a small herd of red deer in an enclosure. I have not spent long enough with them yet to be confident in my observations so could do with some advice. Today I spotted one that had moved away from the herd and did not eat when I took food down to them and in general looked rather unhappy. She looks slightly bloated and a little hunched and her ears were back. I have been feeding some sugar beet in addition to the odd large round bale of hay. In general the herd look in good nick always eat well and are friendly. She therefore stood out as having a changed her behaviour. The best way I can describe it would be to say that she looks like she is about to calve but obviously this is not the case. There are no handling facilities so whatever may be wrong with her will just have to run its course.

    Any ideas.


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    Sounds as though you have a case of bloat. Do you soak your sugar beet ? If she grabs a dry mouthful of this it could stick in the gullet as more saliva goes down so it swells until it blocks saliva going down she would drool also the blockage would stop her eructating ( getting rid of fermenting gases ) consequently the rumen fills with gases and swells. An alternative explanation is she could have been greedy and got too much, it ferments too quickly with excess gas production and she can't get rid of it quickly enough. Also if the grass has been frosted and cell walls are broken down the contents ferment too fast. You could also have rumenal stasis same consequences. Moving off is normal behaviour for ill animals.

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    Thanks Norman. Am feeding the beet whole not processed. The weather has meant that I have had to feed them more than I originally planned. Is this a killer and if so shall I try and catch her and if I do, what do i do then.
    Your advice is much appreciated.

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    Have the beet been lying around to get frosted as this makes the nutrients more available If she is moved around a bit may get rid of gas. Worst case scenario goes down you will have to stick her. LEFT SIDE Half way between the last rib and pin bone and about a hand down from the edge of the lateral processes of the vertebrae . Give it a good thump straight in and let the gas out. Good luck they cow kick with back legs and box with front ones. Not simultaneously but it hurts.

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