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    hi all, could any one give me the pro's and con's of these calibres. thinking of getting one or other for nv foxing. cheers stav
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    I use .223 and have to say I love it. Although I home load if I wasnt then it is cheap for ammo ie Privi. It is a very effective calibre on foxes and I decided to go for it as more effective than my HMR. You can get some good 'work horse' rifles in the calibre such as Remmy 700 and CZs etc which wont break the bank, I use a Remmy 700 SPS which I got cut down so it just takes my PES T12 Scout so it is a very compact rifle and easy to use in the dark, hence the reason I reload in order to get the bullets faster than factory ( I think my 50 grain bullets do average of 3177? ), but of course would be faster if 45 grain bullets used. Its a doddle to reload and Bemchmark works superb with the bullet weights I use. I suppose I only shoot out to say 200 yards as some of my ground not really safe for anymore at night and the calibre is fine for that and more. Sure it does not scream out like .22-250 or as flat, but moderated my .223 is very quite (depending on conditons of course), very low recoil and knda on the rifle throat. The other calibres I considered were .204 ruger and the .20 calibres but as I also shoot Muntis sometimes the .223 was my rifle of choice. Pete

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    unless you are restricted to a tight budget and plan to make use of military brass, don't buy either - go and get yourself a 22-250, best foxing round IMO

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    Or get a .243! Will spit out the lightweights far faster than any of the .22 cfs, and gives you the option of going up the scale and shooting deer.

    Of the two, .223 is faster and flatter, .222 is cheaper to reload as it uses less powder.

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    got a 22/250 but was after something as a full time foxing nv set up.stav
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    cheap to feed

    renowned for its accuracy

    and of you want to run cheap ammo use privi in it my mates Tikka keyholes the stuff at 140 yards all day long.

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    if you dont homeload . find what your nearest rfd stocks in both calibres could be deal breaker. Me i went .223 for sub 200 yard fox on my permission, does a grand job , but then again so would .222. To be honest i think either calibre would suffice

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    Thought about a .204? Superb foxing calibre.


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    Performance wise in the field their is no practical differance. zero a inch high at 100 and it will be about an inch low at 200yds +/- both will kill a fox or Munti as far as you want. But .223 would be the 'easiest' due to large range of rifles new & second hand as well as ammo. If ammo was easy to get for both then i would go for the treble personally.

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    I put in for a .222 5 years ago and have not regretted it,my CZ527 cost 300 s/h and shoots sub 1" at 100 yards,cheap and easy to reload for.

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