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Thread: some fox calls mp3

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    some fox calls mp3

    as suggested i have an online drive that has a few fox calls stored on it that members can download. as i dont have a static IP on my broadband connection i am not sure how long this address will be available before it changes so if you want some calls grab them ASAP

    browse to ( you may have to accept an certificate error but nothing to panic about) you will be presented with the following screen and you will need to login by clicking on the "black key" icon located top right.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	login screen.jpg 
Views:	491 
Size:	18.6 KB 
ID:	11826the username is sd and password is sd

    once logged in you should see a folder called fox calls, open this folder and download any calls that may be useful.

    To download the file in internet explorer, right click on the file and select " save link as "

    hope you find some useful calls

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    it is possible to open this up as a library for calls to be added as well as downloaded but i am not keen on the idea of people being able to drop off any files to something that i am legally responsible for.


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    Thanks for doing this, but I can't get in. I got to the 'contentview' page, but after that it just hung - in spite of repeated use of 'CTL-R'...

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    should be ok now paddy, the only way i can test it at the moment is from the inside of my network going out to come back in again, it should be ok though.

    again guys this is a best effort offer, i cant guarantee it will be stay available so apologies if you arent able to get files when you try.


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    Thanks for that - it's working now. When I tried it before, the key icon wasn't showing. I'm downloading as I type this - TVM!

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    Cant open the webpage, tried copy and pasting in my browser but does not work, where am i going wrong?
    Thanks numpty Will

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    too many ////

    there was an extra // in the address from when i edited the post earlier, sorry. remember to click on the key to login otherwise you will only see a black screen.

    if someone has a more permanent easier method they want to try then i can transfer the calls across to that.


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    I managed to download some calls (for which I thank you), but then the system stopped responding, and it all ground to a halt!

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    ....It is working, I just downloaded some calls so keep trying fellas.

    Nice job KSB
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    nice one mate thanks, atb, mike

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