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Thread: web design (not stalking related)

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    web design (not stalking related)

    looking some advice on site building software that allows non technically minded people to manage their own site online. Something that makes it very easy to update information. it has been a while since i looked at web design and i am sure things have moved on drastically.

    suggestions welcome


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    keith i used clikpik for my photography and framing site and will be building it back up again simple to use and cheap . others might know of other ones ,atb wayne
    Websites for Photographers and Artists

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    Keith you should be OK with one of the 1 and 1 website packages - no doubt other companies offer similar. Text is pretty straight forward it's pictures that people find most difficult to post especially sizing and website positioning which is very important if you want your website to look vaguely professional. Banner design is also quite important as stock images always look "there but not quite". Website building has moved away from specialist software applications such as "Dreamweaver" to a more comprehendable WYSIWYG - what you see it what you get.

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    I had both my websites built for me, but i made sure i registered the domain name and paid for webspace myself.
    I update it using Contribute software and it is user friendly.


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    KeithNo doubt the easy way is to use the free software offered by some vendors of domain names like 1 and 1, but they're a bit limiting (IMO). Software like Dreamweaver can be a bit daunting, not to say expensive, but there is a piece of open-source (for which read free) software called Kompozer that I have used to build and maintain a site for my sister-in-law's business. It runs on most platforms (Linux, MacOS and Windows) and can be downloaded from You could get something pretty presentable set up quite quickly without going near the source code, but if you do want to tweak something, it's easy to edit the html. Make sure the provider of your domain name allows you to upload files by ftp.Good luckAndrew

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    There are quite a few open source solutions on the market but they do tend to need a fair amount of technical know-how to set up in the first place, but once they are set up you can log in and update it yourself.

    I have built a few sites using Joomla and then handed the site over to a client to update themselves... but as I say, setting up in the first place can be complex.

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    You can joomla hosting, I.e. already installed and ready to go...

    Also some joomla demos so you can have a go at creating a site without committing money.

    In case you were wondering it is a website that allows you to type the pages like word processor in your browser, so nothing else is needed

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    the mrs was a web designer before joining the fuzz agreed with all the above also if your a mac user ......iweb i have no idea what it all means took me yrs to get this far with a computer
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    My brother is a Graphic Designer, Website builder and animator (he and I are VERY different!) - I'll see if he can offer any advice.
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