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Thread: sierra match king in 270

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    sierra match king in 270

    been looking at these for a military range day and was intrigued by the following on the midway site:

    "best suited to rifles with a 1 in 7" to 1 in 8" twist rate"

    that seems awfully twisty!?
    are they suggesting they wont stabilise in a 1 in 10/1 in 12 barrel?

    does anyone have experience of these in 135g 270 or similar?

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    I don't know why they say that. They're an intermediate length between the Sierra 130gr and 150gr GameKing.

    I've used a couple of boxes, and they work fine in a standard 1:10. My rifle is a Tikka M695, so is as bog-standard as they come.
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    smk's are reloader friendly,its easy to make them shoot well,have shot 1 hole groups with my 30-06 in a 695 at 100yds and tried some 100 grainers recently in my t3v 25-06,loaded them to sierra accuload fps wise,they were 75fps slower on chrony than data but they shot clover leaf at 200yds,i was well impressed,i have loaded some more to retest with 0.5gr of powder to see if they shoot the same group size,0.5 extra powder should give me around 3200fps

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    just found some on a site other than Midway at 12 cheaper!
    will give them a go

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    try them at 20,30, and 40 fow off the rifling,one of them will be awesome

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