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Thread: Head shots ? Watch this.

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    Head shots ? Watch this.

    Just found this.

    If ever you need to know why not to try head shots.
    So sad.
    Personally I think I would have shot it.


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    Hope it was despatched quickly afterwards

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    Oooo NASTY!!

    Ive seen deer run off with busted legs after a shoulder shot went wrong though.

    A head/neck shot is a perfectly acceptable shot if it is within the shooters capability and comfort zone.

    90% of our deer are shot in the nut and Im not talking about just a few, it can run in to hundreds a year and we havent lost one.

    *runs to find a piece of wood*
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    Page 23 of the BDS winter journal has a 3 page spread on head shots with some photo's of shots gone wrong.

    As mentioned above a head shot can be a perfectly acceptable shot given the right conditions and person. It's not within everyones capabilities and knowing your limits is important, however there are a few who think they have no limits but that's another story.

    I don't know what anyone else thinks but some game dealers complain when a deer is not head shot and subsequently deduct weight for hight shots and sholder shots. Surely undue pressure is therefore excerted unnessecarily on people to carry out shots that are outwith their comfort zone ultimately leading to the potential for a hanging jaw or hole in the jowels? Just a thought...


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    Any shot can go wrong. Sounds a bit hard nosed ( we are talking about a living, sentient creature ) but comes down to statistics.

    Shoulder area is a bigger target and a less mobile one. The head is smaller - and we are really talking about the brain/ upper spinal cord - smaller still - all sat in an area far more prone to sudden movement and surrounded by areas that can cause terrible injury. No injury is ever wanted, and not a case of degrees, but a leg wound is less likely ( statistic remember ) to inflict lingering death. Statistically, as ethical hunters, which area is the most appropriate?

    That said, head shots are part of a suite of options - sometimes they make sense. But its not an option that can be covered in a few written sentences adequately.

    People that consistently use them and are satisfied with the results are not going to be swayed - that is their right. But the message needs to be very carefully transmitted so as to avoid creating the impression that head shots be considered a general primary target. Fieldsports channel aside!

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    I thought they were going to put the poor creature out of its misery and then show just how bad the injury was!

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