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Thread: Local outdoor ranges

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    Local outdoor ranges

    Hi guys

    Please could one of you point me in the right direction for a good outdoor range in Notts / Derbyshire?

    Im not sure of the procedure with them either, do I need to join a specific rifle club or can I gain access to a range without club membership. Im not really interested in competition shooting (yet) but would like somewhere to check my reloads / zeroing etc on my 243 rifle.

    I shoot clays sometimes so if it had a clay range too - so much the better.

    Any websites or phone numbers would really be appreciated.

    Im about 3 miles from J27 M1 - in Hucknall.

    Cheers guys


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    Well you are about 20 mins from a really nice range, took me ages to suss out local ranges also.
    West Bridgeford Rifle club shoot at the range, Notts Police use it and have done it all up very nice it is to.. can't remember exactly what it's called.
    It's in a little village on the Retford direction, also there is another club that shoots there and BDS have range days there also some sundays.
    Also we sometime go to Garlands near Burton they have a range you can use anytime only one firing point but its also only a fiver an hour, also fantastic clay layout, be carefull there are 2 Garlands do not go to the one near Tamworth
    I will get the exact location, contacts & PM you details

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    Are you thinking of Epperstone range just off the A6097 on the way to the A46 at Bingham?

    BDS do indeed do a range day most months. Don't know any of the other users as I only shoot there with the BDS.


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    Local range

    Hi Legaleagle and Stan

    Ive just spoken to my FLO and he says its Epperstone too.

    Ive emailed a chap called Trevor Higgs at the range for some info.

    Legaleagle - thanks very much for pointing me in the right direction.

    Stan - hopefully see you there some time, god knows I need some practice on the range!



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    This would be the fella

    Epperstone Rifle Club and East Bridgford (not west as I previously stated sorry ) I think shoot there regularly

    The muppet who is secretary for BDS is a total pratt I have emailed him so many times wanting the dates for range days called left messages what a waste of time All other BDS areas have a list of dates for events not this boy oh no
    Shan't be renewing membership again anyway, shame really as they are nice guys that shoot there really liked them

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    BDS have not shot there for a while now !

    In BDS's wisdom they have decided that the RCO's now all need to to yet another course before they can be RCO's no BDS day's.

    Therefore no RCO no BDS range day !!!

    own goal for the BDS

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    If you have "zeroing over any land" that I can but recommend Garlands at near Tamworth. Which isn't too fat off the M42 and therefore the M1 j27. But bring your own targets, some wallpaper as a backer and your own staple gun. It is quite basic but it is on a pay by the hour basis at about 6.00 an hour.

    And they have a clay ground on site...but I don't know anything about that at all! I've never used it.

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    Hi Enfieldspares

    Thats a good tip thanks - ive had no reply from Epperstone so was thinking of where else to try.

    I have zeroing etc on my ticket so I will definitely give Garlands a go, thats not a bad price either.



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    Hi all
    for anyone in a similar predicament, in the lincolnshire area , my local club is very accommodating .NORTH COTES BUTTS SHOOTING CLUB.
    NORTH COTES 8 miles south of grimsby.OPEN 24/7 for members ,4 lane 25 mt rifle/pistol/clay pigeon/sporting /F.B RIFLE 100M TUBE.(all weather)
    a GREAT CLUBHOUSE , brekkies and drinks .
    A very relaxed club , but safety conscious.
    Contact. Martin Appleton Mobile 07776 192496 for details you will be pleasantly surprised.
    Regards Trapper

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    this one is just off junction 39 of the M1Mirfield Rifle Club and Paul Lane Rifle and Pistol Club
    25 yard Indoor range for .22 rifle and pistol calibre rifles. 100 metre outdoor range for full bore rifle and .22 rifles. Licensed social club and gun shop. Also, black powder pistol shooting.

    Open Monday to Thursday from 7.30pm, Friday from 1pm, Saturday from 12.30pm and Sunday from 12.30pm.

    For more information, contact:
    Mirfield Rifle Range
    Paul Lane ,
    Huddersfield ,
    HD5 0PU Tel: 01924 492458
    Fax: 01924 518846

    it is a fairly good club they do DSC 1 there i believe with a rather mad irishman

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