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Thread: The law on Tracer Rounds?

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    The law on Tracer Rounds?

    Whats the law on tracer rounds? please enlightern me

    i know you can get hold of 5.56 and 7.62 but are we aloud to use them on mod/civilan ranges?

    thanks in advance pete

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    Unless you are still serving, & authorised by your detachment, A BIG NO!
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    We can use fullbore tracer rounds on our Mod range (warcop) subject to the range warden's ok which deppends on how dry the ground is on the range is at the time(risk of fire ) You can also use it on private ranges if they are happy will let you or you can use them on land just to zero.

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    We can also use them on one of our MOD ranges (STANTA).

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    what changed? you used to be able to buy them in .22lr
    I remember trying to start a petrol soaked bonfire with one....didnt work!

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    I've got a wadge of them, sometimes sent them long range out on the hill, fantastic!

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    Well you learn something new every day. I thought they were illegal, but having re-read the legislation, it is missiles that are designed to ignite on, or immediately before impact that are S5, so tracers aren't covered by that.

    Happy days!

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