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Thread: 6mm xc, what are your opinions on it please?.

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    Question 6mm xc, what are your opinions on it please?.

    visiting an old friend yesterday, and telling me about a 6mmxc that he has built for himself (he is a rfd before anybody asks) and was showing me the target group that he shot with it. 11 bullets in a 1/2" hole at 100 metres, and he said that he wasnt even trying, and that it is the most accurate calibre he has shot with, in everything ranging from .50 centrefire to .22 rimmy and various wildcats in between.
    and considering he has been shooting for 49 years i am kinda inclined to believe him as he can back up what he says, and is not one of these guys who "can shoot the nuts off a fly at 2000 yards with a battered 30yr old rimfire with iron sights in a force 9 gale"

    anyway i am now seriously considering making the switch from my 243 to a 6mmxc and i was just wondering if any of you fellow shooters on here had any experiance with the calibre in a hunting scenario and how easy it is to shoot/reload for.

    opinions gratefully recieved, thank you.

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    I have just placed an order with taylor on this forum who is based in Dundee to do exactly this conversion for me. The 243 in my gallery will become a 6XC later this year. Laurie Holland who sometimes contributes to this forum had given me his opinion on the relative merits of a range of 6 and 6.5 calibres. Regards JCS
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    what is it?
    Wiki lies tells me it is necked up 22-250 brass with a 6mm bullet
    presumably a 250 savage necked down would be the same!!

    what are the benefits over a 243? once you pull the trigger it is the same 6mm as the 243, 6x47 etc bullet that is flying downrange.

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    thank you palo, that link is very informative regarding the life expectancy of brass and barrel wear. (and the fact it uses less powder than the 243 is an added bonus) thanks remy17

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    6XC would be good alternative to 243.I considered the cartridge for my 10 round mag feed rifle.
    I went for the 6x47lap good quality, easy available brass and small primer.
    The 6x47 took a bit to get a load but it's shoots in the 0.3,and I'm sure the 6xc will shoot well.

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    I used this cartridge in a target rifle and found it very accurate out to 900 yds with the 115 grn D Tac. It runs very close to the .243 with less powder.
    What you shoot with the .243 you will do with the 6XC.

    I would say it is second only to the PPC's and the BR's for accuracy but the big advantage is it handles the heavy end projectiles with ease! It is very sweet to shoot!


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    thanks hillside this was the type of thing that i had in mind, as i prefer hunting to paperpunching. (been there done that!)

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