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Thread: Scope choice

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    Scope choice

    I'm lucky enough to have obtained a Tikka T3 in 6.5x55 flavour from a very generous and good shooting friend after he decided to upgrade, now due to me being very short of cash since I fell at work almost a year ago and currently not allowed to go back on doctors orders, I'm struggling to find a scope to put on it, I know a shooter with a Fox Firearms scope on a 25-06 and he puts it to good use, would anyone recommend one of these as a stop gap until I get back to making money, then I can get something better and put the Fox onto an air rifle.



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    haven't heard of fox scopes.

    You will no doubt have noticed that general consensous amoungst everyone on the forum is to get as good a scope as possible, however financial constraints will always prevail and not many of us have the spare cash for a new swavroski.
    I've an old Tasco which is now on my .22 but it was on an old 270 for years with absolutaley no problems.
    I think it's a "world class"
    You will find them for under 100 on the "bay"
    If your friend is managing ok with the "fox" on his 25-06 then it looks like it'll do the job.

    Good Luck

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    My mistake, its a Fox scope sold by Fox Firearms in the Manchester area, could be thier own brand? website as below. - 2k

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    Here's a link to the same tasco I have

    and it's half the price I paid for one 20yrs ago

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    As long as the scope holds zero, then it will be fine as a stop gap. There is also a millet scope on the BBS website for 75, it would also be ok. What is your budget as you can pick up a meopta for around 150 and they are excellent value for money.


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    Well i must admit to stalking with a budget in mind when i first started and bought my self a second pecar scope 3 x 9 x 45 This scope is German and was one of the finest scopes i have ever looked through. Now i know there are still a good few around and i would suggest looking at one of these. I sold it to my friend who is a contract killer for SW and he still has it on his main rifle today only swapping it for a short while for a smit but deciding that was a bad do and swapped it back.

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    I must agree with bambislayer. Tasco world class plus is a very good cheap scope Although im a schmidt & bender man i had two tasco scopes. One went on a .270 and got alot of use. After 11 years of abuse it rattled out, But well worth the money.

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    have a look at R,Mcloud&sons web site he has some nice second hand stuff , i would stick with the top four makes only on stalking rifles

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    Would 2nd Jingzy's opinion of Meopta's - I have one on the Heym and love it - fixed 6x42, optics are very good and I do ike the range finding reticle with thick out posts (visible in low light) but fine inner wires so you can place a shot accurately on a 200 yard fox.

    In terms of the optics - I can see things with my Zeiss Binos w=for probably two or three minutes longer, but to be honest by that stage it is too dark to take a safe shot.

    I bought it to replace the Zeiss 4x32 as a) had very low apel mounts on the Heym and other brands would n't fit and b) it was extremely good value and half the price of an S&B equivalent.

    Stupidly I sold the Zeiss 4x32 a few years ago.

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    R. Mcloud & Sons

    Had a look for these people and can't find them, anyone point me in the right direction please?

    Cancel that request, I've found them, it.

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