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Thread: caretaking a .22rf for a friend pending sale .

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    Question caretaking a .22rf for a friend pending sale .

    I have been asked to caretake a .22 rf for a friend . He is selling this to a third party with cabinet etc .! but it remains with the owner till confirmation of fac of the buyer . I have 1 x rf on my fac only!!! and that covers my own . Can I hold my friends .22 rf, less bolt untill , he has a fac in place .
    Any comment appreciated . I have refused to hold said .22rf . cheers me deers.

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    I believe not as even without the bolt it would still be section 1 firearm in your possession and as such would have to be notified to the appropriate firearms licensing unit.
    As you state you have no authority to acquire, so would be in breach of the law.
    Maybe easiest to lodge with an RFD for the short time and pay the storage fee.

    Sorry thought your friend was getting a FAC not the one with an FAC so maybe this is an option
    If he puts it in your cabinet and secures it so you can not have access and informs the appropriate then can't see that way being a problem,
    also you secure yours so he can not have access.

    Ps Welcome back stranger
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    simply put it is No as you have no slot for another .22 on your fac and you would need a variation to hold another .22 rifle on it.

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    Very simpley NO mate you cant,
    Regardless of whether the rifle comes with the bolt or not, unless you have a vacant 22LR slot on your FAC onto which you can sign it, you cannot caretake your friends rifle.


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    if said gun is not on your ticket then the answer is no

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    Yup as I predicted , thanks for the input guys . Its a bloody minefield out there regarding ownership etc , thanks dave 67 . on comment RFD . Another angle to pursue , cheers for that . I will pass on comments . Endex thank you all

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