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Thread: Lamping battery - ways to carry

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    Lamping battery - ways to carry

    I have a 12v 17amp battery which I carry in a bag on the shoulder, is there another way of carrying it. Years ago I saw an article on a lamper who had fixed his to a plastic frame (not sure what it was called but think firemen carried breathig tanks on it) and it distributed the weight on the back and shoulders.I think this would be the best method, dont want to use a standard rucksack. Anyone what these frames are called?



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    army waterbottle pouch off webbing on a heavy weight belt or of you get a webbing rig that's super sweet to carry, webtex chest rig is what I have

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    Buy a lithium battery and slip it in your pocket .

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    Small backpack easy....

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    22ah lithium in a molle pouch on a web rig works for me.

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    +1 grumpy no looking back now

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    .....welcome to 2012
    By three methods we may learn wisdom:
    First, by reflection, which is noblest;
    Second, by imitation, which is easiest;
    and third by experience, which is the bitterest

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    Quote Originally Posted by grumpyoldsod View Post
    Buy a lithium battery and slip it in your pocket .
    +1 for above, Christ they are expensive but if you do any lamping at all i'd recomend selling your garn for one. I have a deben one and it fits on belt; hardly any weight at all. I used to carry a 17ah nightseacher battery after a nights lamping i was fit for bed with these buggers!!!!!!

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    lithium is the way to go if you are carrying batteries. there are expensive but worth every penny if you lamp alone.

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    years ago when i was a kid we had a car battery in a plywood box with a seat belt for the shoulder strap
    with a car spot light and take turns carrying it hard going it was tried it on my own one night after the first hour
    and 5 rabbits on my belt i thought ( the hell with this ) went home yeah thank god for the 21st century
    at least as far as lamping goes got a lithium belt kit now

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