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Thread: DSC 1 training manual?

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    DSC 1 training manual?


    Where is the cheapest place to buy the DSC1 training manual, can they be bought second hand when a course is completed?

    Thanks very much


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    if you buy a used one, watch its not out of date, especially after all the recent changes in the to contact the BDS and ask what edition they are currently on, and when the next is due out...

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    As Pete mentioned - ensure it is up to date.

    Your biggest problem is that the manual is rather a good source of reference. I would not consider selling mine, even though the course was some time ago. I'm guessing that may be your biggest problem.

    New price - 25

    Rgds Ian

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    Hi Daemo,

    I have heard of people photocopying manuals from those that have just completed the course?

    I borrowed my mates but like the other fella's have said - make sure it is a current edition.


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    DSC1 manual

    Thanks for the replies guys.

    On your advice i'll stop being cheap and buy a proper up to date one.



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    Latest version is FEB 2008. You can order one through BDS website. Delivered they are about 30. An excellent investment.

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    hi,i have a dsc 1 manual that i used in febuary 08 get in touch and i will post it over to you,cheers

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