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Thread: One rifle 308 vs 300 Win Mag

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    One rifle 308 vs 300 Win Mag

    I currently have a 308 which I am selling after a bad experience (zero issue). I am considering a variation (one for one) to a 300 win mag.

    I only wish to own one rifle, which will be used in the UK as well as abroad including large species in Scandinavia.

    Ammunition cost is not a priority as I will not be using huge amounts. Versatility is is more important.

    The rifle will be moderated with an Atech CMM4.

    Another point I am unsure of is professional stalkers views on 300 win mags. My stalking is and will always be paid. It would be a huge mistake to get a 300 win mag and not be allowed to use it due to stalkers fears of carcass damage.

    Any advice appreciated. I am beginning to think that I should stick with the 308.

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    Do I assume that you, maybe, have a lot of .308" bullets that you don't want to discard? Thus the wish for something in the same diameter? Or do you use exclusively factory loaded ammunition?

    Certainly the 7mm Remington Magnum and the 300 Winchester Magnum have, in Remington's catalogue, "reduced recoil" loads. Those in 7 RM are about 270 Winchester performance. Those in 300 WM are about mild 308 Winchester performance.

    They may or may not be available in the UK or in Europe!

    The 300 WM is really quite a different beast to 308 Winchester in that it is, obviously, nore powerful but it will also require a long action rifle and, usually, carry one less round in the magazine. It also uses a lot more powder, if you handload, but for the few rouns you envisage that is probably not an issue.

    AFAIK the Scandinavian countries don't have "military calibre" prohibitions? So, to my mind, you'd actually be better with a 30-06 that will give you a modest increase over the 308 Winchester but yet be handier with those heavy 180 grain bullets for larger game.

    Actually, in 30-06, you could with the right bullet just about do a "one size fits all" in 30-06 with a 180 grain bullet at about 2,600 to 2,700fps at the muzzle.

    Or for slightly more velocity a 165 grain bullet at 2,800fps.

    Either would be ideal as "one rifle" for UK deer at any distance and large Scandinavian game or wild boar.

    A far better option IMHO than 300 WM! And no stalker will thing anything other than here is a client who knows what he is doing as far as calibre selection goes.

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    Might just do a 30/06 in your position.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    I have a few rounds (20 or 30 maybe) of factory ammo, which I can sell/give up to FLO. I'm not too worried about that side of things.

    I note your comments about a 30-06 and was expecting a post to recommend this calibre. There are certainly more rifles available than 300 win mag.

    The 300 win mag is "different" which is appealing. I am worried that I will be frowned upon or not allowed to stalk with it. That would be embarrassing!

    I shall research the 30-06 vs 308 argument now......

    Ps should say I do not reload
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    Quite a step up in the recoil and cost to feed stakes I think.


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    I was hoping the mod would help in that respect...

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    I have had 2 x 300 win mags, 2 x 30-06's and several 308's, (i am currently using a 308) the 300 win mag in the right rifle is a very good calibre and is not a nasty rifle to shoot with a mod but in the wrong rifle it will knock the dung out of you! Personally i find the 300 win mag more accurate than 30-06 (and so do the target shooters) and if you really must go away from the 308 then yes its a very good choice. With the right bullets it will not cause more carcase damage in fact a 243 seems to cause more! If its a stalking/target where you may engage targets beyond 600 yards then i would go 300 win mag, if its for stalking then 308 will do every thing you could ask of it. The smallest deer i shoot are Roe and i shoot quite a number of Red and 308 will make a great job of both.

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    That sounds like good advice. I am more convinced now to stick to a 308.

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    if you need more that a 308, go lots bigger, like 9.3 or 375 especially for the piggies

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    The 308 is one of the inherently accurate calibres and is a great round. It has lost a little popularity over the last few years due to the new calibres that have surfaced but it is still one of the best deer stalking rounds out there and it offers great accuracy with low recoil, low running costs and great barrel life, you will probably get between 4-5 times as many accurate rounds from a 308 compared to a 300 win mag.

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