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Thread: Iluminated Swarovski scope

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    Iluminated Swarovski scope

    Does anybody have one of the above;looking at a new scope and don't know whether to spend the extra dosh on the above?? opions appriciated

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    Depends on your intended use of it. İ have 5 Swarovskis. Only one is illuminated, a 6-24x50 PVİ. İ had the illuminated reticule on this as İ shoot a few foxes at night somewhere where İ do not wish to lamp.İt is useful, but in reality gets me only a few shots İ couldn't have taken with a standard Swarovski scope with a bold enough reticule. İ do like it and would buy another, if money was no object.

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    Where I stalk the deer are often very late appearing on the scene and light fading fast. I recently changed my scope from a Schmidt & Bender non - illuminated scope to a Swarovski Z4i.
    The illuminated reticule gives me around 15 minutes more stalking than before. However as the deer are more likely to appear at this time I greatly value the illuminated reticule.The brightness of the dot can be dimmed until it is a mere pin ***** and I am very pleased. Hope that this is of some value in your deliberations

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    i have a 2.5 10 x 56 illuminated as said above the deer where i shoot often don,t appear until last light i find the red dot great, would not be without it

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    i have illuminated swarovski's,but recently tried (and still using ) a ziess duralyt ir on a 308 while the swarovski was away for warranty work.i would say bearing in mind you would save 1000,i recommend a good look at the ziess.

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    I have a Z6i 3-18x50 and would not be without the illumination now.
    Just makes target acquisition quicker and easier.
    Seems to concentrate the eye to the target area better.

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    Hi I have va n 8x56 ir best ive had and ive tried a few atb Graham
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    I have the 6 x 24 x50 pvi when stalking Its set on the very lowest setting. Its fantastic and has got me lots of shots.
    Mabe extra only 10 minits but thats a deer in the bag.
    Well worth paying the extra. My mate has the same without, Now wished he had paid the extra .
    good luck with your choice,regards brian

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    I also use the 3-18-50 z6i and agree with the above and am glad I paid the extra for the illumination.
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    I have two identical PVI-2's and they are still on the original batteries... never use the damn things on illuminated as i find they are obstructive... Mabey need to change my SD name?

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