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Thread: Mounting options for Tikka M590

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    Mounting options for Tikka M590

    Can anyone suggest any other options apart from opti-locs?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Rechnagel ... contact Alan Rhone

    Near Manufacturing ..... contact Richard Near

    Third Eye .....

    All excellent, just depends on the 'look' that you prefer.

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    Isn't the receiver drilled and tapped to take other systems such as weaver or redfield/leupold bases? Why don't you want to fit Optilocs, I think that they work very well.

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    i use these bases on my m695 [ bottom of the page]

    hese bases fit the short action tikka m590 and m595 and also the long action m690 and m695. what's more the front base can be turned round so you get a bit more room if you need to move your scope back in the mounts.

    your free to fit weaver or picatinny rings. i have leupold weaver rings on mine. and i would take this set up any day over the optilock rings imo its more solid.

    i also put a bit of lock tight on the base screws just to make them a bit more secure. if you do this make sure you use the right one. otherwise they can be hard to get off again if need be.

    you can also buy them from this guy on eBay. they come to about the same price as the above link by the time you pay the post from optics warehouse
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    Jay I can't see how the small screws into the receiver that hold the bases in place can be more secure than the Optilocs so we will have to differ on that one, but I agree with you that the Weaver or Picitinny system is a useful if you want to chop and change between sighting systems.

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    i dont like the screws on the optilock mate. there to soft and round off very easy. also i think the design of how one screw holds the rings to the base are poor when you do them up to hold it. you have to make sure the ring is level with the base.

    otherwise as a friend of mine found out he was out of windage on his scope to be fair though he should have seen that

    i am pretty sure that they do hex head screws now for the rings instead of the normal allen key heads
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    on my 590 i use the action mounts on the rifle for my zeiss, no bases needed so no other screws etc to worry about.

    the action comes with a groove the full length on both sides, i have 1" mounts on mine as a kind member on here gave me them, i have since then got a set of 30mm rings that do the same,

    the 1" are NOT optilock but the 30mm are.

    no issues with the 1" ones and i bet your bottom dollar the 30mm optilocks would be even better.

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    If the 'scope tube is 1" (inch) diameter, try Sportsmatch. I have 3 sets now. They're effective.

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    Only available in low though so touch and go to be okay for 50mm
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    Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply to my post it really is very much appreciated,all the the suggestions are food for thought,things are much clearer now,i just have to do some jobs around the house to keep the missus happy then she might let me loose with the card!
    Once again a big THANK YOU to you all.
    ATB MJD237.

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