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Thread: Price for hares?

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    Price for hares?

    I should have about 50 hares to shift next week and was wondering what the going rate is?
    I've been offered 2.50 each (guts still in) by my normal game dealer which seems quite low?
    Anyone getting much more than that anywhere? I'm certain they export them to Europe for a small fortune!

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    4.50 to 5 each for brown hares here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adamant View Post
    4.50 to 5 each for brown hares here.
    That's about what I was expecting Adam. I think I'll try somewhere else as a comparison.
    Cheers, MS.

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    the price will go down this time of year , everyone will be at it soon , first week in feb we will kill 1000 in two days . Take them the last week in aug and get them to the dealer 1st sept 8 each

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    1000 hares in two days,

    I can understand that they need thinned out, but how many have you got that you need to kill 1000,, ??

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    its just what we average in two days hare shooting , a month later you wont notice a difference . we have left them before and they get realy out of hand but they also "go wrong" when the weathers turns damp they go a bit cocci and you get a few bent legged ones as well

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    4.50 a pop here. Not sure if we'll have a cull this year but will expect to shoot 150 or so if we do.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    where in Suffolk are you? Bambridges at Watton pay 5 with guts in. got to be worth a bit of a drive?

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