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Thread: Budget 308

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    Budget 308

    Budget 308 wanted. Preferably with rings etc. I have scope and Atech mod 1/2" unf.

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    Not sure I like the look of it aestetically? I like the Ruger at 200 bit more of a classic look. What do you think? - Ruger .308 M77 Mk I Bolt Action Second Hand Rifle

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    i have a couple of cz zkk 601s that i got for a couple of hundred each, superbly accurate. remember if it isnt already screw cut to factor the cost of this in.
    the 308 i got and if i recall it was base price 245 but with screw cutting and rfd to rfd this bumped it a further 100 or so the rings that came on it were gash so this was a further 30. it soon adds up.
    accuracy more important than looks, if it doesnt shoot straight you wont be able to stand the sight of it regardless of how it looks

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    I am just selling a Zkk 601 and went through the RFD to RFD, screw cutting etc (and selling at a loss!) so know what you mean!!

    Ideal rifle will be screw cut & good rings!

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    wonder what the issue with your gun was. these on the whole have a good rep accuracy wise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boar & deer View Post
    Zastavas are pretty good rifles, and you can drop his one into a large ring Mauser stock if you want pretty wood.

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    Tops for accuracy here > It may look dated, with the quality wood & blue that will never fade, to the newby , but wow what a rifle , quality indeed.

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    I am holding out for wooden stock

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