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Thread: Witnessed Stalks

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    Witnessed Stalks

    Following on from the thread about the chap being ripped off by the stalker, in respect of stalks he had bought for his level 2, there was quite a bit of interest in witnessing stalks by our members. Now this has been mentioned before, and always initially whips up considerable interest.

    More and more people now feel the need to have their level 2, either for their own satisfaction or needing it to meet requirements of their leases etc, which means the demand for witnesses is growing. The numbers of stories relating to witnesses who are both good and bad seem to litter stalking sites all over the Internet. The trouble is that one person’s view or unfair is another person’s version of perfectly acceptable. The difficulties seem without fail to involve money. Some witnesses will do it for nothing or a “bottle of whisky”, some just want their expenses covered which may or may not include accommodation; others will be looking for a fee. Some of which are eminently fair and others may stray into the realms of greedy.

    If there is sufficient uptake by members who are witnesses, both accredited and credible, for us to establish some sort of register then we shall. However it is up to the person who is trying to get a stalk witnessed to liaise with the witness and sort out any and all expenses involved prior to the stalk. It is not the responsibility of the site to negotiate these details; it is yours and yours alone.

    With regard to the register that will take a little thinking about, but it will probably be along the lines of the geographical location of witnesses, plus any distance they are willing to travel. Whether or not the witness name would be included to be contacted by pm or their details held by admin, would be a matter for the witnesses to decide.

    This is just a proposal; it is a matter to be decided by the relevant members.


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    Witness Register

    Thank you for your kind thoughts John. It would be fantastic if some of our members would come forward and help form a register. I need my level 2 but do not know anyone local who could help with the witnessing and any other further training they recommend that may be required.
    This is really good news.

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    The witnesses should not mind their details being held as they are distributed around the countryside anyway when someone applies for the DSC 2 portfolio.


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    This is something JAYB and myself have spoken about on the phone and are of the same opinion.

    Last year I and another Level 2 holder helped a fellow stalker off this site whilst stalking my ground and witnessed two of his three animals between us.

    I have no problem with doing the same for other good folk, either in Scotland or on one of my other leases, or their ground. As long as its within a reasonable distance and they cover the fuel costs I am here to try and help as much as possible.

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    I think it is probably best if the details of the witnesses are held by admin as this will deter the "less than satisfied" shall we call them abusing phone numbers etc. We have to be realistic, I like the vast majority of people would envisage a smooth running system, however bad things happen and if we can control this as much as possible then it can only be for the good.

    Another reason for us doing it this way is that we can monitor the success or not of the system and it would enable the production of figures to support anything we say about it in the future.

    So anybody interested in being involved just pm me your details. Indicate which County or area of the Country you would be willing to cover, what charges expenses you would be looking for. As a guide I have had indicated to me that if the witness was to travel to the "clients" ground then it would be fuel expenses and maybe a feed. If you were supplying the stalking opportunity then it would be £60 per stalk with no hidden extras.


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    I dont think you should be putting in prices for stalking on someone elses ground at this moment. That is only one persons idea on prices. They will vary and that is up to the AW on his ground to decide the price, this will start a problem before the project gets off the ground.

    You state that some persons may be disgruntled by the failng of their abilities. It should really be highlighted here that this is not a mates thing in the SD, stalkers need to know what they are talking about and doing before they do an AW stalk.

    Also, it should also be highlighted that if someone is to get 2 Credible stalks and then does an Accredited stalk, and the AW does not think that they make the grade. It is going to look less plausible in front of the Assessor and the external verifier.

    I am only trying to highlight that there are issues out there and everyone should be aware and prepared before doing their stalks.


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    I recently registered for my DSC2 so am curretly evauating potential witnessess. If the SD can play a role in helping me achieve this I would welcome it... more than happy to "keep it in the family" so to speak

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    I am nowhere near my DSC 2 yet, but I think that this is a fantastic idea, and yet another way that this site outshines many others I have visited.

    I hope that this gets off the ground and will certainly take advantage of it when the time comes around for my DSC2 (and hopefully even contribute to it in the future and put a little back when I'm old and wise )


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